More Ballot Shenanigans: German Non-Citizen Receives Multiple Ballots for Election

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)
AP featured image (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

At some point, the media is going to have to address the problems occurring with ballots in the US.

Our latest example of the election chaos was brought to our attention (again) by the venerable Ric Grenell.


A German journalist living in DC, who is a non-citizen and therefore ineligible to vote has received three ballots for the November election, all of which were not for him, but still left the potential for malfeasance in the coming election.  Stefan Niemann is a reporter for the Berlin-based ARD-Hauptstadstudio and based in Washington D.C, reporting on US politics.

Niemann reported on Twitter:

For our non-german speakers, (and thanks to the wonder that is Google Translate) here is what Niemann said:

“The chaos lamented by #Trump when it comes to delivery of #brief voting documents is there. – I’m not allowed to vote here. But 3 # ballot papers came to my #Washington address: PRE-tenant moved 5 years ago, landlord living in #PuertoRico and her deceased husband. # selection2020”

While none of that ballots were meant for Niemann, it clearly shows that not only do election officials have massive problems with moved and dead voters, but those issues can sometimes lead to non-voters receiving ballots not meant for them.  Absent the honesty and integrity of Mr. Niemann, there would be three votes headed back to be counted with no one the wiser.


Ric Grenell was quick to point out what everyone is thinking:

The constant reporting on these issues shows that no one in the government or media is taking this seriously.  Some organizations have been calling for the “cleaning up” of voter files across the country and have been called “voter suppression” groups by those who oppose them.  At this point, the ONLY reason why you would not be in favor of cleaning up the voter files, is so that you could engage in fraudulent voter actions, full stop.




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