50,000 Ohio Residents Receive Wrong Mail Ballots

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

If only someone could have predicted this.

In Franklin County, Ohio, home to the Buckeye State’s capital, it was revealed yesterday that 50,000 voters received the wrong ballots.  You read that right. FIFTY THOUSAND.  In 2016, Trump won Pennsylvania by just 45,000 votes, Michigan by just 11,000 votes and Wisconsin by 23,000 votes.  50,000 votes could decide the outcome of the next Presidential election, not only for Ohio but for the nation as a whole.

It has been months of the left lecturing the right on how a forced mail election is the only way to go and that it is necessary that all voters receive a ballot in the mail.  Those on the right, who have advocated for people requesting ballots who would like them (voluntary absentee) have stated that a forced mail ballot would lead to massive errors and the potential for fraud.

President Trump even weighed in on the scandal on Twitter:

The chorus of “I Told You So” has begun on the right as well:

Election officials in Franklin County have promised that new ballots will be sent out within 72 hours to correct the problem, however that leaves dozens of lingering questions as to what happens now that these 50,000 ballots are out there.

For instance, what happens to the 50,000 wrong ballots now?  Are the 50,000 ballots to be collected by the county and destroyed?  What happens if someone has already returned that ballot?  Is that ballot invalidated and is the voter allowed to vote again?  What if they return both ballots later?  Which will count?  Will both be invalidated? Will any charges be filed against anyone who attempts to return both ballots?

The problem is that the left wants us to trust the process and allow for the government to conduct these massive, unprecedented actions, yet for us to all look the other way in the documented cases of massive incompetence.  As I covered this week, in California, there are hundreds of documented cases of voters receiving ballots for people that did not live at their residence.

This obviously is going to continue happening and may have a detrimental effect on the result of the election.