No, Trump's COVID-19 Treatment Didn't Come From Aborted Fetuses

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Circulating on social media over the last 24 hours is the accusation that Trump’s treatment he received for COVID-19 was derived from embryonic stem cells.

Liberals across all platforms cheered that Trump was a hypocrite for promoting Regeneron for being a panacea to treating COVID-19 while simultaneously attempting to block the means of researching to allow for the development of such treatments.

Except for one problem:

Fact-checkers at USA Today have said that the treatment does not contain any embryonic stem cells, at all.

From USA Today:

“Alexandra Bowie of Regeneron told news aggregation platform Heavy in an October email that REGN-COV2 was not made with human embryonic stem cells.

“This particular discovery program (REGN-COV2) did not involve human stem cells or ESCs,” Bowie wrote. “

Pretty clear that the Regeneron treatment used to treat President Trump did not come from embryonic stem cells, yet of course, facts matter literally zero to the left.  Where did such an accusation come from for this rumor?  More from USA Today:

“In supplementary material to a paper published in June in the journal Science, HEK293T cells – an immortalized epithelial cell line (cells not normally immortal but altered to be so via spontaneous mutation or in the lab) derived from embryonic kidney cells obtained in 1972 – were described as “briefly” used to create SARS-CoV-2-like viral particles to test mouse and human-derived antibodies against.”

In other words, the embryonic kidney cells from 1972, were used to create “immortalized” cells, not stem cells which were used to create viral particles to test the drug after it was developed to see if the antibody characteristics were active and functioning.  There is no further data to say whether or not that original material came from an abortion or another natural termination of pregnancy, but either way, these cells used to test the treatment, were not embryonic or from aborted tissue, ever.

The Verdict?  Again continuing from USA Today:

“We rate this claim FALSE because it is not supported by our research. The experimental antibody therapy Trump received was not directly made from fetal or embryonic stem cells, rather antibodies obtained from SARS-CoV-2 human survivors and immunized mice engineered with a human immune system. Regeneron’s official statement released in April, cited on Twitter as a basis for the claim, is a general position on stem cell research and is unrelated to how the antibody therapy is actually made. However, an embryonic-derived cell line, albeit not a stem cell, does appear to have been involved at least in the early stages of Regeneron’s testing process, according to supplementary material published in June. The HEK293T cells used are an immortalized cell line derived from embryonic kidney cells but are not stem cells themselves.”

It is perfectly clear that this is not what the left would like it to be.  Does that mean anything to them or will they stop propagating this lie?  Of course not.