BREAKING: Second Presidential Debate Canceled

BREAKING: Second Presidential Debate Canceled
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Commission on Presidential Debates has confirmed that the Presidential Debate that was scheduled for the 15th of October has now been canceled after President Trump declined to participate in a virtual debate.

This wasn’t a one-sided back out either. Remember that Biden said he would not participate if Trump was there in person.  Now that Trump said he wouldn’t agree to the virtual format, it is Trump that backed out?  Trump wanted to do the original debate.  How is that “running scared?”  Trump was clear that he would participate. Biden, on the other hand, has only agreed to debates where the moderators are supporting him.  Even Former Senator Bob Dole raised this as an issue:

Trump had not only agreed to participate in the debates offered by the commission but also was willing to participate in non-standard debates hosted by people like Joe Rogan.  Biden, on the other hand, wants to be protected and would never agree to a format where he or someone friendly to him isn’t in control.  This spin that Trump is a coward is white noise.

The next debate is scheduled October 22nd.

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