Now Is the Time for Profanity

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A wise man once said that “profanity is the act of a feeble mind expressing itself forcibly.”


I am the first to admit that I have a feeble mind and that I have been known to express it forcibly.  Those who know me know that I swear more than a clumsy Navy vet who stubs his toe while getting into his 18-wheeler.  In my professional life, that is often not the case as I attempt to communicate in a way that best welcomes a healthy debate. Do I sometimes lose my cool?  Sure.  Most of the time though, my style of debate is dripping in concentrated sarcasm.  During my college years, I competed in debate and took it as a sign of pride when I could frustrate my opposing team to the point of name-calling or swearing.  To this day, many of my former team members refer to me as “cocky jerk,” a name bestowed on me during a finals round at a competition in 2008, by an extremely frustrated opponent.

Unfortunately, over the course of the last several years, the left’s ability to debate has devolved into the worst of name-calling and hate speech.  That sort of behavior pushed me from Never-Trump in 2016, to passive support of the President in 2020.  When I would attempt to engage in debate, without fail, I would be called a racist, a sexist, or homophobe by the end of the conversation.  If I happened to disagree with someone regarding a particular policy, they genuinely believed that my disagreement wasn’t born out of some logistical aspect but rather out of my alleged “hatred” of a particular people.  For instance, my opposition to late-term abortion wasn’t because science tells us that the unborn can feel pain but rather some “deep-seated hatred of women.”


As time has progressed, it is the left that has pushed me further to the right.  If I didn’t agree with them on everything, then I must be a MAGA-cap-wearing Trump supporter.  Each time I got pushed, I would laugh it off until, eventually, I found myself with my back against the wall.  How much further can one be pushed before the eventual response is a four-lettered barrage of frustration?

I have spent the better part of the last year with my back against that wall, wanting to remain independent enough to be able to criticize the President when he was deserving of it (like on the exploding deficit or his inability to not tweet stupid things) while still being able to engage in meaningful debate with my friends on the left.  Those debates have increasingly become less-fruitful as more often and more often, those conversations would lead to me being accused of being a racist. Often times, my rhetoric was tied to that of Trump or another conservative talking-head, despite my reasoning and logic being sound and concise.  My efforts to remain calm and collected would end with people calling me every name in the book.  From some position of supposed “high-ground”, they would lob insults accusing me of the worst biases, despite any position that I hold being grounded in a calm, logical debate.  Do I think that minorities and women should be treated fairly and equitably?  Ten Million Percent.  Do I think that private businesses should be mandated to have women or minorities on their boards? No.  Yet the latter would get me labeled as a racist or a sexist.


As the media has taken creative license in gaslighting the entire country about things Trump has or hasn’t done, I have found myself defending the President from people who are too intellectually dishonest to admit that they have been bamboozled by the leftist media.  We are made out to be hateful and in denial about Trump when, in reality, the left is the one who refuses to accept reality.

For instance, Trump NEVER called White Supremacists and Nazis good people, literally ever.  Yet the media continues to push this narrative every chance they get.  Trump’s “fine people” comment referred to peaceful protestors, on both sides of the issue of taking down the statue and not to white supremacists. has stated that Trump not only twice condemned white supremacy at the time, but he has many times since then.  Yet the media continues to accuse Trump of covering for white supremacist groups and encouraging their hateful ideology.

Which leads us to the following question:  How long should we, as conservatives, respond with fact while the left refuses to accept it?  While it certainly can be said that Trump has embellished in the past, is fighting against him with outright lies acceptable?  Are we supposed to consider our friends, friends, when they accuse us of being some of the worst that society has to offer?

No longer, no it isn’t, and no we aren’t. When that walking POS Chris Wallace repeated the ‘white supremacist’ lie at the first Presidential Debate (and later allowed Joe Biden to participate in the question asking, while “moving on” when Trump attempted to do the same with Biden and Antifa), the media swarmed on the issue yet again.  How long are we supposed to point out the lies behind that continued narrative?  Truth is, we can’t. We can no longer expect the left to respond to reason and cordiality.  The days of calmly attempting to explain my views are over.  I am more than happy to have a calm, collected, and honest conversation with those who may have views differing from mine.  If I am called a racist, debate over.  If I am called a sexist, I am moving on.  If I am called a homophobe, I will conclude the conversation.  We, as conservatives, when confronted with an accusation of this nature, should no longer attempt to defend ourselves against the unfounded and ugly accusations.  We should politely and firmly tell them to f*** off.  When asked if you support racism, feel free to tell them to go to hell. If they suggest you support rape, tell them to kiss your a**.  If confronted with some garbage of hating people in the gay community, tell them they are a piece of sh** for suggesting so.


How do you negotiate with people who willfully wish for the President’s death?  While I am sure you can find obscure sub-100 follower Twitter accounts who cheered on the death of Ginsburg, go look at the blue-check Twitter accounts who rooted for COVID-19 upon hearing of Trump’s diagnosis.  Watch them wish death upon him.  How are you supposed to respond to that?  With a healthy single-fingered salute, that’s how.

You see, the left hates when you defend yourself.  They hate when you expect that standards are equally applied to them. Standards, mind you, which they set.  They want you to play fair, while they continue to play dirty.   They already think you are a piece of crap, so why not return the favor?  The days of attempting to engage in meaningful debate are over as long as the left seeks to label us with wildly untrue accusations.  Does that mean you shouldn’t attempt to engage them in meaningful dialogue?  Of course not.  Always lead with fact.  Always lead with pleasantries.  Always lead with an honest attempt to leave as friends.

But if you’re confronted with some toolsack calling you some -ist or -phobic because you disagree with them, feel free to just tell them to eat a bag of d***s, because nothing you’d have ever said would have ever gotten through to them anyway.  The left can’t expect geniality while calling you a racist.  Those ideas are incongruent.  Either you’re a pleasant person, or you’re racist trash.  They can’t expect love, when they sow hate.  Profanity shouldn’t ever be the first action, but now’s the time for it.



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