Mitt Romney is Right, Which Means He is Spectacularly Wrong

Mitt Romney is Right, Which Means He is Spectacularly Wrong
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I have spent the better part of the last 8 years defending Mitt Romney.  His 2012 loss was not his fault in totality as much as it was a failure of the GOP’s ORCA system that turned out to be hot garbage.  He has taken principled positions (despite my sometimes disagreeing with him) and despite the flood of hate I will likely get for saying this statement, He is a good man.  Potentially one of the most moral, good, and level-headed people to ever run for the office.  Often, when I talk so favorably of Romney, conservatives attack me as supporting a flip-flopper, a traitor, and all sorts of other fine four-lettered adjectives they can use to describe him.  Even with all this hate that I have received, I have never found my bridge-to-far moment with Romney.

Until Now.

Yesterday, after the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said they would conduct an investigation into Hunter Biden, his ties to the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Company Burisma, and any role Vice President Biden would have had in securing the contract or preferential treatment for his son or the company.

Of the Investigation, Romney said:

“Obviously, it is the province of campaigns and political parties’ opposition research, the media, to carry out political endeavors, to learn about or dust up one’s opponent. But it’s not the legitimate role of government or Congress, or for taxpayer expense to be used in an effort to damage political opponents.”

Yet again, I find myself in agreement with the Senator from Utah.  The government does not have a role in investigating political opponents in an effort to damage them.  That then leads me to a very important question:

Where the hell have you been for the last three years, Senator?

As the Russia-gate, Ukraine-gate, and every other -gate that the Dems have thrown at President Trump have revealed no-wrongdoing on the part of the President, where were you in leading the charge against the government being weaponized against him?  Point me in the direction of a single statement you made in criticizing Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and others who openly conspired against a political candidate.  When Democrats decided to impeach Trump for Ukraine-gate, you voted in favor of conviction, yet ignored the fact that the entire reason Trump was even under the gun for anything was as of a direct result of whether or not Biden abused his power as VP.  Now, that someone wants to look into that, *NOW* you have concerns?

It is amazing to me how someone can be so right and at the very same time, so colossally wrong in every way.  If it is a problem for the government to be used as a political sledgehammer, should not the use of government as a political sledgehammer, be investigated?  Should people sit back and become comfortable with the use of the U.S. Department of Justice and Intelligence Community as opposition research firms?  Of course not!  You’re right that it shouldn’t be!  If you are right, I am sure we can expect your proposal for an investigation into the Obama DOJ’s handling of the investigation into the 2016 elections.  I won’t be holding my breath.

You see Senator, I would expect someone of your caliber to be equally outraged about it.  During the Obama administration, I was inordinately frustrated at what I believed to be the unconstitutional use of executive orders by President Obama.  I made comments at the time to my celebratory Democrat friends that the same power could be wielded by someone on the right someday, and at that time, they shouldn’t be coming to me looking for the repeal of the power.  Where do you think their current complaints of “tyranny” fall now?  Deaf ears.

You are absolutely, 100% right that this is not the role of government, but the current climate in government is the direct result of the “turnabout is fair play” rule. You’ve done less-than-zero to punish the offenders of the Obama administration, yet have trumpeted your criticism of the President and his supporters from the rooftops.  If one wants to stop the abuse of the use of government, perhaps we should punish all that abuse that power.  Trump’s (and his supporters) desires to investigate Biden wasn’t born out of some desire to dig up new dirt; It was born out of a different motive: Retribution.  Perhaps if you had done more to justify Republicans’ and Trump’s frustration at the fraud that was perpetrated by the Obama admin, there would be less use of government in retaliation.  Do I like that the Senate is doing this? No, but I also want swift and decisive justice dropped upon those who abused that power in the first place.

If Romney is right that this isn’t the role of government, he’s spectacularly wrong in his acceptance of this same action from the left.

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