New Poll Indicates More Than 9 of 10 Voters Say Riots Will Play a Role in 2020 Decision

New Poll Indicates More Than 9 of 10 Voters Say Riots Will Play a Role in 2020 Decision
AP Photo/Steve Helber

In results from a Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll, 92% of voters say that the violent protests and riots will be a key issue in their decision for President in 2020.   Democrats, who recently changed their tune on the violent riots with an attempting rebrand calling the violence a direct result of “Trump’s America.”  Reviewing the mass violent protests of the last decade, the majority of them occurred under the Obama administration.

This now is the third Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll (or perhaps the same poll with multiple results) that has released topline results absent any methodology or cross tabs available from the poll.  The last results available on the Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll website are from June 2020.  Additionally, according to The Hill, this is a “representative online survey” and therefore doesn’t have a margin of error.  In other words, absent a confidence interval from the data, this is by their own admission, not a scientific poll.

It must be said that any poll that will not release the methodology or cross tabs as a portion of the release of the poll should inherently not be trusted.  Additionally, any scientific sample, whether or not it is an “online survey” (YouGov does online surveys and still has a margin of error for their polls -though still not technically scientific) should contain a margin of error.

The Hill also released two other questions that suggest that Biden leads Trump on Law and Order and the Coronavirus response and that the majority of voters say they believe they will see a Vaccine for COVID 19 in the coming year.  According to The Hill, the poll results have been released to them exclusively, and that the remaining results will be released later in the week.

It can be assumed that with the Dems having shifted greatly on their messaging it shows that this and other polling numbers have them scared for a November defeat.  Aside from the already pointed out shift in their messaging on the riots happening around the country, just this week Kamala Harris told Americans not to accept the coronavirus vaccine, should one be approved by national health experts before the election.  Also contained in topline data from the Harvard/Harris poll is a question about the potential release of a vaccine before the election.  74% of respondents to the poll said a vaccine will not be available before the election.  A vaccine available before the election could suddenly shift public opinion of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus to Trump’s favor and dash the Democrats hope for a White House victory.

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