Too Little, Too Late? Biden Launches Aggressive Ad Buy to Say He Doesn't Like Violence

Too Little, Too Late? Biden Launches Aggressive Ad Buy to Say He Doesn't Like Violence
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Over the last few weeks, Democrats have been attempting to shed their skin on supporting rioters and looters by attempting to tie the violence to President Trump.  This was likely sparked by disastrous polling data that showed people were against any sort of justification for the destruction of major cities across the country have experienced.

Now, Basement Joe Biden is planning on running ads is a last-ditch attempt to try to paint himself as a Law & Order Candidate.  According to the NY Times, Team Biden is launching an aggressive campaign to distance the former VP from the destructive actions which have been pushed and supported by many in his party and the media.

From the NY Times:

But the ad — part of a $45 million one-week television and digital purchase that is by far the campaign’s largest to date — is the first time that Mr. Biden has put this pushback on issues of crime and public safety into a major paid advertising program.

“I want to make it absolutely clear,” Mr. Biden says as images flash of burned-out cars and buildings and a confrontation with the police. “Rioting is not protesting. Looting is not protesting. And those who do it should be prosecuted.”

That’s going to be difficult since many on Team Slow Joe have been contributing to bail funds to release offenders of the very sort of crimes that Biden has suggested should be prosecuted.  To add insult to injury, Biden has yet to denounce any specific organization for engaging in violent activities including the domestic terrorist organization Antifa.

The commercials which will contain video from a speech he gave in Pittsburgh, denouncing violence and looting, will air in battleground states in a pushback against the RNC’s messaging about Joe being soft on crime. Biden himself attempted to distance himself in appearance alone:

“Ask yourself: Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?” Mr. Biden said in Monday’s speech. “Really?”

Unfortunately for Biden, he is being a rock and a “safe place”, as his most recent actions have shown he is tolerant of the violence when it serves him and the left, but at the same time has a voting record in the Senate that includes passing laws that disproportionately enforced laws and encouraged the prosecution of minorities.

Either way, this new change from Biden perhaps is a bit too little too late.  It is the equivalent of Biden attempting to deny participation in a heist (telling the American people he opposed violence and looting) while waving his hands around with dye all over his hands from the explosive marker the bank employees put in the sack.  It is pretty clear who has been perpetrating the escalation of violence in the country.  He is going to be hard-pressed to attempt to deny it.

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