Magic! IRS Finds Nearly 7000 Documents Related to Tea Party Targeting

The IRS announced yesterday that they found 6,924 new documents related an ongoing suit brought Judicial Watch regarding the IRS targeting of Tea Party Organization under now-disgraced former-IRS head, Lois Lerner.


The status report, filed February 14, 2017, states that the IRS is submitting the status report admitting to the locating of the documents, but then states they have no firm date as to when the completion of their review will be made on the documents so that they can be released to Judicial Watch.  They stated that the primary release could begin as early as March 10th, and “if necessary, continue to produce non-responsive records on a bi-weekly basis.”

Regardless of any release, the IRS will be required to respond with a firm date no later than March 28, 2017.


The original complaint, filed February 12, 2015, was made in regards to the IRS’s failure to comply with several Freedom of Information Act Requests for documents pertaining to the IRS’s alleged targeting of Tea Party Organizations.



While this revelation doesn’t mean that anyone committed any wrongdoing, it just is rather interesting that this release comes just three weeks after the election of a Republican President.  I am well aware of the conjecture behind the following questions, but what do you want to bet that this release wouldn’t have happened under a Clinton Presidency?

It will be interesting to see what is contained in these documents.  It has a potential of being the start of the collapse of the whole Obama Administration House of Cards.


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