BBC Reports on Muslim Victim, Indian Perpetrator: What? It's the Same Guy?

When it come to reporting, there’s no bias in mainstream media right?

All it takes is a quick hop across “the pond” to remind us just how the media portrays people and our perceptions.


In the beginning of February, we were told about Tanveer Hussain, who was a muslim athlete attempting to travel to the United States and was immediately labeled by the media as a victim by the media.

A snowshoe athlete from Indian-administered Kashmir has been denied a US visa amid fears he may have fallen foul of new US immigration policy.

Tanveer Hussain, 24, was scheduled to participate in the 2017 world snowshoe championship at Saranac Lake, New York.

His coach says a US embassy official told him she could not help him due to “current policy” but did not elaborate.

India is not among the seven nations whose citizens are barred from entering the US under new immigration rules.

Individuals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen face a 90-day visa suspension under the executive order signed by US President Donald Trump last week.

Clyde Rabideau, the mayor of the county where the tournament is due to be held, said on Wednesday that two senators had contacted the US embassy in Delhi for more information.

The embassy in Delhi would not comment on individual visa applications for reasons of privacy, but emphasised that Indian citizens are not affected by the recent executive order.

Mr Hussain’s coach, Abid Khan, said all his documents had been in order.

“We had local government recommendation and also the invitation and verification letter from the New York snowshoe federation. But as soon as a lady visa officer at the US embassy in Delhi read our names, she went inside a cabin and came back after a few minutes. She said she was sorry, but that she could not help us due to the current US policy,” he told the BBC.



After a great deal of collective outrage and some help from Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Hussain was granted entry.

A few weeks later, another shocking report comes out of that snowshoe race in New York, this time that an Indian man was arrested on charges of sexually abusing a 12 year old girl.

A snowshoe athlete from Indian-administered Kashmir has been arrested in the US on charges of sexually abusing a minor girl.


Wait a second! That’s the same guy!

While BBC mentioned in their article, that Hussain was the same man, in the era of sensationalist headlines, to mention the man is muslim when he’s being “victimized”, and then change his description when he is “victimizing” shows they intend to manipulate how the public views this person.

It is disingenuous at best, and outright dishonest at worst.  If the man is the same guy, why change how you identify him?  Does that not mislead the casual leaders of headlines?  Isn’t not an effort to mislead the public as to whom you’re referring to? I don’t think many people would  be confused at this if you had referred to him as an Indian in both articles.  All were asking for is a little consistency.



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