Planned Parenthood Rejects Federal Funding Offer from Donald Trump

Looks like someone has to pick up a copy of The Art of the Deal.

For a group of people that has been complaining an awful lot of being defunded, they certainly don’t know how to accept funding.


President Donald Trump made an offer to Planned Parenthood today that one might think could not be refused.  From CNN: 

Planned Parenthood swiftly rejected Monday a proposal by President Donald Trump that would have pledged his support for federal funding for the women’s health organization if it ceased providing abortion services.

Cecile Richards tweeted about their rejection:

We’ve been told by Planned Parenthood that 97% of their services are non-abortive.  It appears they would rather cease to provide services at all, rather than stop providing 3% of total services that terminates pregnancies. Currently, no federal funds go to abortive procedures, which according to the last available Annual Report amounts to nearly 324,000 a year.

Of course the 97% number is hogwash as it includes procedures that are done in conjunction with abortion as well.  In other words, any STD Panels, exams and other related services that are done as part of an abortion, are counted EACH as a treatment in order to boots their numbers.   It also doesn’t account for the hundreds of thousand of patients who go to Planned Parenthood for pregnancy tests, which would inevitably end in abortive services had a pregnancy been found.  While 324,000 abortions are performed by Planned Parenthood every year, less than 18,000 prenatal services are performed; Patients are 18 times more likely to have an abortion than receive care to birth the child.


Additionally, as anyone who has ever worked on a non-profit before can attest, grant money (or in this case federal funds) helps to free up private funding to pay for the things my grant won’t allow the money to go to. Whether the argument is made or not that tax dollars don’t go directly to fund abortions, federal funding allows Planned Parenthood to use private donations for abortive services, when it is likely without that federal funding, private donations would have to be used to cover.

Planned Parenthood isn’t going to agree to something like this because they are nothing more than a militant mobilization vehicle for the left.  Donald Trump committed to fund every cancer screening, STD treatment, and bit of Contraception Planned Parenthood provides and they turned it down as a result of their alleged 3% minority of treatments. I don’t buy it. They turned it down because it would mean they would have to stop fighting Trump and conservatives.  They want to make this into a women’s health issue, when Trump clearly stated he will fund every treatment necessary if Planned Parenthood would abandon the abortive practice.  They would rather bitterly-cling to their opposition for the sake of opposition, rather than find a way to refer out their “3%” of services and being able to provide the vast amount of services to patients whom they serve.


Mark my words:  This refusal will end up in a fundraising email.  PP will capitalize on this as suggesting that ending your child’s life is some fundamental right Trump is attempting to deny them.  They will use this as a ploy to divide and a catalyst in their war on the right.


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