White Sox Grounds Keeper Wrongfully Imprisoned For 23 Years Receives 2005 World Series Gift

In March, RedState covered the story of Nevest Coleman, who had recently been released after being wrongly convicted for rape and murder and imprisoned for 23 years.


While there’s no way for any person or institution to truly make up for the 23 years Coleman lost as a result of his wrongful imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit, the White Sox are going above and beyond to do welcome him back home and make his transition back to normal life go as smoothly as possible.

Coleman had worked for the White Sox grounds keeping crew before his arrest and wrongful imprisonment, and upon his release, the team welcomed him back. Groundskeeper Roger Bossard told him, “I saved your spot for you. I knew you’d be back.”

Sadly, when the White Sox won the 2005 World Series, Coleman was in prison and unable to witness the victory from the sidelines. Now the White Sox is trying to make it up to him.

Thirteen years after the White Sox won the World Series, Nevest Coleman finally received the watch given to all members of the grounds keeping crew.

Bravo to the White Sox.

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