That'll Be 'Justice Kavanaugh' -- After Contentious Confirmation Battle, Kavanaugh to be Sworn in TODAY

When the Senate voted earlier today to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, liberal protesters were overheard in the gallery yelling comments like “I do not consent!” and “shame on you,” and “sobbing and sniffling.” Luckily for these stressed out-protesters, they will at least be able to save themselves an extra trip to the Capitol, because Kavanaugh will be officially sworn into the Court today.


After the vote was finalized, President Donald Trump tweeted his congratulations to Kavanaugh and said that he would sign the Commission of Appointment “later today” and that then the new justice would be “officially sworn in.”

A Supreme Court spokesperson issued a statement clarifying that Kavanaugh would in fact be sworn in today, “so that he can begin to participate in the work of the Court immediately.”

Chief Justice John Roberts will be administering the Constitutional Oath and retired Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy — whose seat Kavanaugh is filling — will be administering the Judicial Oath, in a private ceremony, with a formal investiture ceremony to take place later.

Recent polls have shown that the Democrats’ much-touted enthusiasm edge for the upcoming midterm elections has completely collapsed, coinciding with Kavanaugh confirmation battle dominating the news.

Democrats successfully used a “war on women” messaging tactic as part of their strategy against Mitt Romney in 2012, watched it fail to elevate Hillary Clinton in 2016, and have been furiously attempting to use it against Republicans in 2018 and as we gear up for 2020. While many — myself included — were sympathetic to Professor Christine Blasey Ford, attacking anyone who expressed skepticism at a decades-old story without corroborating evidence as a “rape apologist” crossed lines of common sense and decency.


The Left never seems to learn the lessons that the vast majority of Americans are repelled by their strident rhetoric and radical protests — collapsing in hysterical tears because a justice was confirmed in a mostly predictable party-line vote is not the act of rational people — and their actions during this confirmation fight do not seem likely to pay dividends at the ballot box one month from now.

Once again, one of the greatest assets the Republican Party has is the Democrats.

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