Paul Nehlen Is Very Angry About Jews in the Media

Just in case it wasn’t already clear what a total garbage person Paul Nehlen is, today he spent a few hours on Twitter reminding everyone that he is an anti-Semitic nutcase.


Nehlen, who has launched another challenge for Speaker Paul Ryan’s Congressional seat despite losing by a humiliating 68 points in 2016, is annoyed that an article posted at Buzzfeed last week reported how he was coordinating with alt-right Twitter users to attack his critics in the “Jewish media.”

Nehlen attempted to refute the accusations of anti-Semitism by posting a series of tweets complaining about Jews in the media.

Yes, really.

In a string of tweets Monday afternoon, Nehlen claimed that the private message discussions that Buzzfeed reported were merely “a coordination effort by my supporters on my behalf.” He then argued that the references in these messages to the “Jewish media” aren’t anti-Semitic, but are actually a “well-founded observation.”

Nehlen then posted several graphics with the names and photos of people employed by major media organizations, identified with Jewish stars next to their photos, to indicate if they are Jewish or have a Jewish spouse. He did this for CNN, NBC, the New York Times, NPR, and Fox News.


For NPR, the comment at the bottom of the graphic questioned why Jewish people with dual American and Israeli citizenship were allowed to work at the taxpayer-funded public radio station.

The graphic for Fox News includes a special red star for Rupert Murdoch, identifying him as a “Christian Zionist,” which the graphic explains as suspecting that he has Jewish ancestry, “although it’s never publicly admitted” and for being a “devoted Zionist” who has received honors from Jewish organizations.

Today’s tweets are far from the first bigoted comments from Nehlen. Just last month, he tweeted and vigorously defended a white supremacist meme, so vile that even Steve Bannon and Breitbart News were pressured into distancing themselves from him. Breitbart has since deleted the author page that featured articles written by Nehlen, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can see what it looked like less than a month ago, along with Nehlen’s articles that they’ve attempted to bury.

As RedState has previously reported, Nehlen has been making nasty, racist, bigoted comments for awhile, openly promoting white supremacist and alt-right twitter accounts and memes for months, even while Breitbart and others were proudly touting him as a challenger to Ryan.


Discussing a specific person in the media who happens to be Jewish isn’t necessarily anti-Semitic. Religious background is an interesting part of a person’s biography just like their hometown or where they received their college education.

But pointing out everyone in leadership at a media organization who is either Jewish or married to someone who is — not to mention the “Christian Zionist” attack against Murdoch — and saying there is something negative and nefarious about it, well, there’s no way to interpret that as anything but anti-Semitic. 

Nehlen also failed to address the substance of the Buzzfeed article. The issue wasn’t just how he was complaining about “Jewish media,” but his specific comments about how there was “a list of goys attacking me, and a separate list of Jews,” people who were “working for the Jewish media” and “fake conservatives who happened to be Jewish.”

“I’m gonna decimate them all,” wrote Nehlen to his supporters, “and y’all are going to help me.”

Memo to Nehlen: Yes, you’re an anti-Semite. And a loser. You’re not going to decimate anyone, even with the help of all your alt-right trolls. In 2016, Speaker Ryan beat you by more than 68 points. This year, you’ll be lucky to get out of the single digits.


UPDATE: Nehlen, who fashions himself as a brave warrior against The Republican Establishment, apparently couldn’t handle a few hours of people yelling at him on Twitter, and he deleted the tweets. Here are screenshots of a few of them.


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