BREAKING: McConnell Offering Amendment to Fund Government Through Feb. 8

The government shutdown deadline passed just over an hour ago, but the Senate remains at work. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is introducing an amendment to the existing continuing resolution bill to fund the government through February 8th.


This plan was confirmed to RedState by a Senate Republican source who spoke with us on condition of anonymity.

Earlier, a deal was offered to the Democrats for a short term continuing resolution that would fund the government through February 16th, but they rejected it, the deadline passed, and the government shutdown officially began.

“The government may be heading into shutdown but the Senate’s not shutting down,” said McConnell on the Senate floor just after the deadline. “And we’re open to talk and resolve this.”

“I don’t think it makes the institution look very responsible,” he added. “The American people should expect better from us than this.”

UPDATE: CNN has confirmed our reporting, that McConnell is pushing for a continuing resolution through February 8th.

UPDATE #2: Our source also pointed out that last night McConnell had asked for consent to vote on the continuing resolution through February 16th via a majority vote, but Sen. Chuck Schumer objected and forced a vote at the 60-vote threshold, and that measure failed.


Tonight’s 50-49 vote total showed that there were in fact fifty votes in favor of the continuing resolution. So, no matter how Schumer tries to spin this, it was the Senate Democrats who blocked the continuing resolution and caused the government shutdown.

UPDATE #3: The Senate has headed home and will reopen at noon. Depending on timing and if McConnell can get consent, they could vote on McConnell’s February 8th amendment later today, or might have to hold off until Sunday or Monday.

McConnell’s full remarks:

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