White House to Bannon: New Phone, Who Dis?

The ongoing slap fight between Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon reached some magnificent levels of petty today, as the White House made additional efforts to distance themselves from the Breitbart head honcho.


For your listening enjoyment while you read this post, here is Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” his 2011 hit about doing your best to pretend that your former bae is nbd:

According to Daily Mail White House correspondent Francesca Chambers, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told her today that she was “not aware” that the President and Bannon “were ever particularly close.”

Then, another blow: first daughter and much-rumored favorite child Ivanka Trump is no longer following Bannon on Twitter, according to the @TrumpsAlert bot:

Excuse me while I enjoy a nice spoonful of this Schadenfreudelicious sundae.

Image result for mean girls you can't sit with us gif

UPDATE: Rebekah Mercer also doesn’t want Bannon sitting at her table, according to the Washington Post:


Stephen K. Bannon’s main financial backer is formally cutting ties with the former Trump adviser.

In a new statement Thursday, billionaire conservative donor Rebekah Mercer said that she has not spoken to Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, in many months and that she continues to support President Trump.

“I support President Trump and the platform upon which he was elected,” Mercer said. “My family and I have not communicated with Steve Bannon in many months and have provided no financial support to his political agenda, nor do we support his recent actions and statements.”


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