Ben Sasse Calls Out Jeff Flake's Donation to Doug Jones: 'Bad Idea'

Par for the course in our modern Trumpian era of politics, the Alabama Senate race continues to divide Republicans, and naturally this played out on social media today between two Senators: Arizona’s Jeff Flake and Nebraska’s Ben Sasse.


It all started when Flake tweeted a photo of a check he had written, showing a $100 donation to the campaign of Democrat Doug Jones, with “Country over Party” in the memo line.

Flake has been highly critical of Republican Roy Moore since the accusations about Moore’s inappropriate conduct with underage girls surfaced, retweeting a Mitt Romney tweet criticizing Moore just yesterday and commenting that a victory by Moore would be “no victory for the GOP and the nation.”

The responses to Flake’s donation tweet varied, some thanking him for his bipartisan action, some observing that $100 was merely a symbolic gesture and too small to make an impact, some more critical.

Among the critical reactions came from Flake’s Senate colleague Sasse, who denounced the donation as a “bad idea.”

“It’s possible to be against BOTH partial birth abortion AND child molestation,” tweeted Sasse, referring to Jones’ pro-choice position.


In further tweets, Sasse affirmed that he was advocating for supporting neither candidate, arguing that there was more at stake than just the one election, and rejecting “two bad choices” now was necessary in order to get better choices in the future.

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