Megyn Kelly Has a Surprising Take on Who Lost the Debate Last Night (VIDEO)

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has not shied away from giving her blunt opinion throughout the election cycle, and last night was no exception.

As post-debate coverage began, Kelly started her Fox News wrap up with co-host Bret Baier by expressing exactly who she thought lost the debate on Sunday night.  Watch below:

“A raucous 90 minutes that ends with a handshake but did not begin with one.  Who won?  Hillary? Donald? Certainly not America, judging by what we saw in that 90 minutes and the reaction that we saw on social media.”

As Baier reacted to the comment by turning to face her, she continued:

“She accused him of being unfit, of being a liar, saying his campaign is exploding, saying he’s run a hateful divisive campaign.  He accused her of being the devil, and said she ought to be in jail and she will be if he becomes president of the United States. ‘She ought to be ashamed of herself,’ he said, saying she has tremendous hate in her heart.”

Trump cultists like Sean Hannity accuse her of supporting Hillary Clinton, but how could anyone listen to the childish antics that took place on that debate stage last night and think anything other than what Megyn Kelly said?  In 2016 and the four years to follow, we all lose.

h/t: The Blaze


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