FIREWORKS: CNN Commentators Spar On Live TV Over Use of The Word “P***y” (VIDEO)

CNN’s Don Lemon is known for having heated debate panels on his show, but even Lemon likely got more than he bargained for Friday night when his panel discussion went off the rails.


Scottie Nell Hughes, known this election cycle for being a completely irrational Trump cultist and sell-out, was one of the first Trump supporters to come out in defense of Donald Trump last night.  She obnoxiously downplayed and minimized the #TrumpTapes all night.

Ana Navarro, who is no stranger to heated discussions on live television, had heard enough of Hughes’ justification of Trump, saying:

“Every single Republican is going to have to answer the question, ‘What did you do the day you saw the tape of this man boasting about grabbing a woman’s p***y?’ Period!”

Scottie Nell Hughes, who either has zero self-awareness or is just dumb as a box of rocks (or both), had quite the response to this.  Watch below:

So, basically, it’s morally sound to support a man running for the highest office in the country who uses this language, but PLEASE DON’T REPEAT IT ON LIVE TV BECAUSE I DON’T WANT MY DAUGHTER TO HEAR IT!!  Wow.

And isn’t that the point?  The president of our entire country is supposed to be, at the very least, an example of good character to all those he represents.  If you can still stand behind him, his actions, and his language, while admitting it is inappropriate for children to know about, it may be time to reevaluate your life choices.


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