I was at the Memorial for the Slain Dallas Police Officers Today. Here's What I saw. (PICS)


Living in a suburb of Dallas, the recent attack on Dallas Police really hit home for me.  It is one thing to watch news commentators discuss police shootings that happen around the nation, but it is a completely new, uncomfortable feeling to have it happen where you live.

I wanted to go Friday morning right after it happened-  I wanted to do something to show appreciation for those who protect us- but thought it in the best interest of my three year old to wait a day or so.  So this afternoon, we grabbed some extra water bottles (we are in the middle of a Texas summer, after all) and headed downtown.

Walking up to Dallas Police Headquarters, it was particularly striking to me how busy it was, despite the heat, and just how many media tents were set up around the perimeter.  I posted a short video of the scene on Periscope that can be seen below.


As we took it all in, my son, who turns 4 next month, had many questions for me.  Some of them I couldn’t fully answer, because he isn’t old enough yet to be able to understand the evil that exists in this world. There were cards and pens available, so we wrote down our thoughts and added them to the already covered squad car.


Near the entrance of DPD, three police officers stood receiving hugs and kind words from visitors.  My son and I stood in the line- yes, there was a line to hug the police- and we were able to tell each of them “thank you” for their service.  One of the officers knelt down and gave my son a Dallas Police Department badge sticker, which he refused to take off at bedtime.

It was beautiful, emotional, and heartbreaking all at once.  I felt I had a good understanding of the severity of these kinds of shootings, I thought I grasped the damage they create in their wake, but having it happen at home really gives me a new and full understanding of the desperate need for love and compassion for our fellow man.

As I stated above, I couldn’t answer all the questions my son had for me. What I can and did tell him was that it is so important to thank those who protect and serve us, and that we should always, always choose to love one another. Our children can grow up to foster a culture that appreciates and values life and love so much more than our nation currently does, but we must teach them.

As we headed out, I received a text alert that DPD was under lockdown.

Thankfully, I was out of the area before any of the controversy started, and was able to get my son home safely.  As we said our nighttime prayers, he thanked God for the kind police officers he met today.  My heart is still broken, but it is full.


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