HOORAY: Clinton’s Cigar is Back in the News! (VIDEO)

HOORAY: Clinton’s Cigar is Back in the News! (VIDEO)
Former President Bill Clinton pauses while speaking during a campaign stop for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016, at the West End Community Development Center in Greenville, S.C. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Well, the most ridiculous election cycle in history continues.  And if the opening salvos from Trump and Clinton are any indication, small children are not going to be able to watch anything pertaining to this year’s presidential election.

Trump has ramped up his attacks on both Clintons in his latest ad, an 18 second Instagram video featuring voice-overs of women from Bill Clinton’s sordid past, including Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broddrick.  The video prominently features a still image of Bill Clinton with a cigar in his mouth as a nice, subtle tribute to the Lewinsky scandal.  Hillary Clinton’s signature evil cackling can be heard at the very end.

Watch below:


Is Hillary really protecting women?

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During a normal presidential election, there’s no question this would be an effective ad.  The woman running for president and banking on feminist votes is married to a former president who can’t seem to keep his pants zipped, and who doesn’t take kindly to women telling him “no.”  There’s no question that should be exploited.

But when it’s exploited by someone with a long and very public history of degrading women, and someone who was once close enough to Bill and Hillary Clinton to have them attend his wedding, the attack kind of loses its luster.

So this year we’re stuck with two candidates trying to figure out how to portray the other as “the woman-hater.”  Spoiler alert: they both are.  And we’re basically screwed.

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