White Supremacist Group Brags about Having More Trump Delegates

First, it was the endorsement of David Duke.  Then, old Orange Face just couldn’t stop retweeting known white supremacist supporters. And even after that, there was the report of William Johnson, the leader of the white supremacist American Freedom Party, being selected as a Trump delegate in California.  Trump’s name overlapping with racists has come to be the new normal this election cycle.


So it should come as a shock to absolutely no one that apparently there are more white supremacists waiting in the wings as Trump delegates.  According to Mother Jones, the white supremacist group posted a Facebook comment reading, “Here is what they don’t know: we have more delegates!”  The post was soon deleted, but screen shots are forever.

Screen shot below:

trump white supremacist shot

William Johnson told reporters that he doesn’t run the AFP Facebook page, but confirmed the page is run by his cohort Robert H. DePasquale.  DePasquale has a long and well-documented history of white supremacy, building websites for white supremacist groups and posting over 20,000 racist and anti-Semitic message on the online hate forum Stormfront.

Well, I guess DePasquale just couldn’t keep the cat in the bag.  But I’m sure Donald Trump doesn’t condone any of this and will half-heartedly denounce it.  It’s all just a strange and interesting coincidence that white supremacists flock to Trump like flies on sh…well, you know.



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