Ted Cruz's Heartbreaking Concession Speech (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz has finally thrown in the towel, announcing from Indiana that he is suspending his campaign.

In an inspiring yet somber speech, Ted Cruz thanked all his supporters before dropping a dirty bomb on all of our lives.

Watch the great orator one last time below:

Will we rise to meet the challenges that face our nation on the international stage? Or will we withdraw and cower timidly from the world?  Will we secure freedom of thought, religion, and expression for future generations? Or will we succumb to the tyranny of a political correctness and the temptation of racial politics and balkanization here at home? Will we hold fast to our founding values of rewarding talent, hard work, and industry- or will we continue on that path to creeping socialism that incentives apathy and dependency…This is the responsibility with which we have been charged by history.  This is our challenge.  This is the fight that falls to our generation.


This is it.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  On a day when Donald Trump completely jumped the shark by spreading a ridiculous conspiracy theory about Cruz’s father with absolutely no credible evidence, he has been rewarded with the presumptive nomination.  Indiana has completely failed us.


Ted Cruz fought a noble fight.  He was courageous, he stood up for conservatism at every turn, and he gave it his all to the bitter end (and it was bitter).

Tonight the Democrats sealed up the presidency.  Let’s all remember that we can thank Donald Trump and his fringe supporters for that.




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