The Single Biggest Reason to Hope that Ted Cruz is the Republican Nominee (VIDEO)

The Single Biggest Reason to Hope that Ted Cruz is the Republican Nominee (VIDEO)

Rep. Peter King’s New York values were on full display when he appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” early Tuesday morning.

After the “Morning Joe” hosts poked fun at his disdain for Cruz by sarcastically suggesting he was a Cruz supporter, King made a very bold remark about Ted Cruz and what he would do if Ted Cruz becomes the Republican nominee.

Watch below:


Mika Brzezinski: He probably has a warm place in his heart, like a cuddly feeling.

Joe Scarborough: So why don’t we bring in just announced this morning, right? Right, right? Nassau Country’s Chairman for Ted Cruz for President, our good friend Peter King–

Brzezinski: Yes, he LOVES him!

Willie Geist: Republican Congressman Peter King of New York. Congressman, congratulations on your new chairman position.  Um, here’s actually a quote from Congressman King about Ted Cruz, “Any New Yorker who even thinks of voting for Ted Cruz should have their head examined.”  What happens tonight on the Republican side, how big does Donald Trump win?

Rep. Peter King: First of all, in case anybody gets confused, I am not endorsing Ted Cruz, I hate Ted Cruz, and I think I’ll take cyanide if he ever got the nomination.

Wow, kudos to Congressman King for impressively tackling two issues with one broad statement here.

First, great way to put “New York values” on full display.  Every time Peter King opens his mouth he lends credibility to Cruz’s (harmless) comment.  You’d think after the fuss he made about it, King would set out to prove Cruz wrong by demonstrating good behavior.

But going on national TV and spewing hateful comments about someone else?  Cool.  Great representation of your people, bro.

Second, we’d all be hard pressed to find a better reason to vote for Ted Cruz.  Never having to see Peter King’s dopey face on a TV screen again?  Sign me up and sign me up now.

So, a terrorist-loving, intolerant, venomous sleazebag from New York goes on national TV to tell the world he’ll kill himself if Ted Cruz gets the nomination.  That’s the best endorsement anyone could receive.  You can’t buy that kind of good publicity.  Ted Cruz just might want to send him a thank you card.

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