Exactly How Long Has Donald Trump Been Stalking Megyn Kelly?

(AP photo by John Minchillo)

Well, categorize this under “another creepy as hell story about Donald Trump.”

Megyn Kelly spoke with Katie Couric on Wednesday, and she told Couric that before Donald Trump hated her, he was creepily obsessed with her. Okay, she didn’t say that exactly. But she did say this:


He’d call me after a segment that he enjoyed and say how great it was. He would send me clippings about myself — like, news clippings — that he would sign, ‘Donald Trump.’ It was nice. I appreciated that he was reaching out. There were some other gestures that he made that, in retrospect, I understand them better. I think he was trying to curry favor because he understood that he was gonna be running for president.

I think Kelly is generous to give him the excuse she gave him, because really, who does this under any circumstance?

Who sends someone press clippings- of themselves- and autographs it?  Why would she want a newspaper clipping of herself with someone else’s autograph on it?  What was she going to do, put them all in a scrapbook and gaze at them daily?  Or better yet, frame them in her bedroom?

Can anyone deny that this man is a complete narcissist?  I mean, this is beyond narcissism.  This is borrowed straight from a serial killer’s playbook.

Now we get a glimpse into why Trump was so upset when Megyn Kelly dared to treat him as any other presidential candidate.  He thought he meant more to her.  Wonder how Melania feels about that.


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