Yet Again, Carson Publicly Embarrasses Donald Trump

Ben Carson has probably been the worst surrogate for any candidate ever.  Since formally backing Donald Trump, it’s hard to say who he has embarrassed more: himself or Trump.  Whether he is making excuses for Trump like claiming that the media shouldn’t be covering what Trump says and does as the Republican frontrunner, or justifying his unenthusiastic endorsement by making statements like, “even if Trump’s a bad president, it’ll only be 4 years,” and “Are there better people?  Probably,” it is clear he didn’t really think this whole Trump endorsement through.


This morning, during an interview on Morning Joe, Ben Carson tried to Trumpsplain again why he thinks- out of the candidates still in the race- Trump is the best option.  The conversation turned to foreign policy, and here’s what was said.

Ben Carson: And then we have, you know, threats from ISIS and terrorist groups and I think we need somebody who understands those and who is not going to react to them in a politically correct way.

Mika Brzezinsky: Do you think he is fully briefed and fully knowledgeable about foreign policy?

Carson: Uh, I think he is as knowledgeable as most of the other people, but one of the things that has to be understood is that when it comes to complex foreign policy, you’re going to have experts in those areas.  I don’t care how much time he spends, for instance, reading about Russian history, he’s not going to be an expert on Russia.  And nor is Senator Cruz, and nor is Senator Sanders.  None of them are going to be. And you have to be able to utilize the right kinds of people.

Okay, maybe a fair point.  One man can’t be an expert in everything, especially when it comes to foreign policy.  The President has to rely on a lot of people who know a lot more than he does about numerous complex issues.   I’d argue that you have to at least know the basics, which Trump has already proven to be completely ignorant about, but let’s give Carson that point for a brief moment.


Meanwhile, mere hours after Carson’s remarks, Donald Trump made the following comments at a rally in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Trump: You look at what China’s doing in the South China Sea, and they say, ‘Oh, Trump doesn’t have experts…You know, I’ve always wanted to say this—I’ve never said this before with all the talking we all do—all of these experts, ‘Oh we need an expert—’ The experts are terrible…Look at the mess we’re in with all these experts that we have. Look at the mess. Look at the Middle East…They say, ‘Donald Trump needs a foreign policy adviser.’ Supposing I didn’t have one, and I have a lot of people. I met last week with a lot of people, all good people. But supposing I didn’t have one. Would it be worse than what we’re doing now?

Um, yes, Donald.  Yes, it would be worse.

Get your stories straight, guys.  Do we like experts or nah?

This is why the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency is so damn scary.  He isn’t willing to concede his weaknesses (probably because he knows there are so many) and know when to rely on more knowledgeable people to educate him.  He is too stubborn, or too stupid- or a combination of both- to recognize one man cannot possibly be an expert on everything imaginable. In the words of Donald Rumsfeld, everything is an unknown unknown to Trump, because he has no clue what he does and doesn’t actually know.


I will give him this.  Donald Trump is an expert in making himself and Ben Carson look stupid at the same time.


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