CNN: (Stupid) Women Who Love Trump [VIDEO]

CNN aired a segment Monday night on Erin Burnett’s “OutFront” called “Why Women Love Donald Trump.”

Martin Savage sat in a circle with five women who may be some of the dumbest women in the country.    They are also all Trump supporters.  Take that how you will.


You can watch the whole segment below, if you can stand it.

His first real question: “Why [do you support Donald Trump]?” Great question, Martin.  Let’s discuss some of their answers.

“What you see is what you get.”  I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, that’s precisely why the idea of a Trump presidency is so scary.  What you see is what you get.  For a sane, competent person, that is enough to send them running the opposite direction.  These women?  They’re giggling like school girls.

He mocks disabled reporters, he objectifies women, he demeans anyone who disagrees him on the issues, and he has nothing of substance to say, ever.  He retweets people of questionable character, and displays purposely unflattering pictures of women for the sole purpose of embarrassing them.

He’s a whiny baby who has probably uttered the word “unfair” this election season about ten billion times. What you see is what you get, yes- EXACTLY MY POINT.  There are no deeper layers to peel back here!  This is it.  What kind of moral compass or brain mass must one have to think that is okay?

“He loves people, he really has a respect for women.”

Really?  Was it when he made the comment that a woman who is very flat chested “is very hard to be a 10?” Or was it when he was talking about women and said, “you have to treat ‘em like sh**?”  It’s hard to know, there are just so many instances where he has been so gosh darn respectful toward women.

Oh, no wait, I know.  It must have been when he said to Esquire magazine, “You know, it doesn’t really matter what they (the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of a**.” Total respect.  I’m actually not sure how he could get more respectful towards women than that (that’s sarcasm for the Trump supporters who may not have picked up on it).


For what it’s worth, what if I were to comment on the physical appearance of these women being interviewed? Wouldn’t that be shallow of me?  What if I were to say some of them didn’t look young or beautiful?  I’d imagine I’d get some hateful comments.  Now, I never would because I’m not a completely shallow, judgmental jerk.  My point is that I’d get pushback if I were to say something so inflammatory. But Trump?  He makes a career out of it.  Because he just “says what he thinks,” and somehow a percentage of our population is deluded enough to think it’s charming for a rich man to be so arrogant.

After all, he has claimed while being interviewed that he respects women.  Sure, he has proven otherwise time and time again through his own actions and words.  But he said it in an interview.  And it’s on the internet.  And it must be true if it’s on the internet, according to Trump himself anyway.

I mean really, how dumb do you have to be to actually believe this?

Then, after discussing Trump’s horrendous behavior towards Heidi Cruz, there were more asinine remarks made from these women on his questionable antics.

“I’ve cringed maybe on occasion when he’s said a certain thing, I’ve wondered why he said a certain thing but—that’s his personality.  He just—lets it roll.”

Who told this woman that was a good quality to have in a president? I cringe at my crazy uncle’s inappropriate remarks at Thanksgiving, he just “lets it roll,” too.  So endearing.  Maybe he should be President?! Oh wait, no, he shouldn’t- because he doesn’t understand anything about the position, he doesn’t have the knowledge, and could not effectively make decisions for the entire country.  But this dummy apparently finds that cute.  It’s so cute this crazy, narcissistic man could fly off the handle at any time and get us all involved in another war.  Adorable.  Really.


And when Savage brings up Trump “letting it roll” with Megyn Kelly?  It escalates to another level of stupidity with these women.

“He’s been baited by Megyn Kelly… The first question that was asked by her at that first debate was to bait Donald Trump and to get him in a position to react.”

Here’s the “poor Donald Trump is treated so unfairly” routine she learned straight from the source.

Did he say all those things Megyn Kelly referenced?  Yes.

Is a person’s character on trial when they are running for president?  Undoubtedly yes.

Apparently this woman is not competent enough to understand the difference between being “baited” and “having to be accountable for your past actions when you run for the highest office of the country.”

I’d also guess this woman- along with the women around her-  would have no problem holding Obama, or even Cruz or Rubio, accountable for things he has said in the past that reflect on his character.

But…outsider status…and other dumb things these people tell themselves.

And my personal favorite?

“And because he insults men as well, I can’t be upset that he’s insulting the women.”

Well America, this is what we’ve come to.  We might as well pack it up and go home, because you can’t even reason with this level of stupidity.

I get it, we’re all desperate for someone as far from Obama as we can get.  But it takes a special kind of person to rationalize this kind of abhorrent behavior by saying, “well he’s an a**hole to everyone, so it’s okay.”  This is where we are.  It’s downright sad.  You’d think it was an SNL sketch, but NOPE- just the world burning to the ground all around us while we all sit here and watch in horror.


For the finale of this circus act, Martin Savage asked these women the burning question most of us want to know.  Is there anything Trump could do that would make you change your support?”

In case you were wondering, no, the answer did not redeem these women in the slightest.

“Just going back on his policies and on the issues.”

Okay, a) Donald Trump has no policies, he has fluff.  He has rhetoric.  He makes inflammatory statements.  He repeats general empty talking points like, “we’re going to win so much you’re going to get tired of winning.”

That isn’t a policy.  It’s what someone does who isn’t knowledgeable or smart enough to form a coherent opinion.  There is nothing for him to go back on.  He just says things because he likes to hear himself talk.  But this woman doesn’t even know enough to know any better.

b) She might as well just say “no,” because there has been plenty of evidence of Trump directly contradicting himself on his positions. He used to be pro-choice, now he says he’s pro life. Immigration: first he was for it, now he wants to deport everyone. Assault weapons: he previously supported an assault weapons ban, but now he’s against the ban. His excuse was that he wasn’t a politician when he said those things in the past. Super comforting to hear. But none of that is enough proof for this woman that he consistently “goes back on his policies and the issues.” She’s basically saying he’d only get a chance to lose her support after he was President Trump, and by that point it’d be too late for us all.


Female Donald Trump apologists.  Just terrible.  The worst.


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