BREAKING: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Caves to Pressure from Hollywood, Vetoes Religious Liberty Bill

Georgia governor Nathan Deal held a press conference this morning announcing he will veto the religious liberty bill that was passed by Georgia legislature.  House Bill 757 would have given faith-based organizations the right to deny services to gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people.


Governor Deal was under a large amount of pressure from the Hollywood community, as well as major corporations that do business in Georgia.

Deal said that the measure “doesn’t reflect the character of our state or the character of its people,” and that state legislators should leave freedom of religion and freedom of speech to the U.S. Constitution.

He also remarked, “Their efforts to purge this bill of any possibility that it would allow or encourage discrimination illustrates how difficult it is to legislate something that is best left to the broad protections of the First Amendment.”

His remarks can be seen here.


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