Why Are All Trump’s Spokeswomen A Little Crazy? (VIDEO)

Things got a little tense between Don Lemon and Omarosa Friday night during a segment on “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.”

Lemon asked Omarosa, a Donald Trump advocate, a direct question regarding Trump attacking Heidi Cruz on Twitter.  Omarosa attempted to dodge Lemon’s direct question and spin it into a different question she wanted to answer, and Lemon clearly wasn’t having it.  He warned her to stop several times before finally cutting to commercial.

Watch the heated moment below:


Lemon: Oh boy, here we go.  Ted Cruz accuses Donald Trump of being intimidated by strong women, but Trump says he’ll be the best president for American women.  Joining me now is Omarosa Manigault, former contestant on The Apprentice and former consultant for Vice President Al Gore.  Also joining me is Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway, President of Keep the Promise I Super PAC supporting Ted Cruz.

Hello to both of you.  Omarosa, you first.  This Twitter war between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz this week was over the top, really.  What’s your opinion of the retweet of the Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump picture?

Omarosa: Well I don’t think we should start there.  We should start with the fact that a Super PAC that supports Cruz—

LemonNo, no, no, I want to know what your opinion is—

Omarosa: –started to attack Donald Trump’s wife, and Don, let me tell you—

Lemon: I’m not gonna let you do that- I’m not gonna let you do that.

Omarosa: I’m gonna answer that. I’m gonna answer that. But–

Lemon: Omarosa, stop.  Stop Omarosa—

Omarosa: Let me tell you, if you attack his wife, he’s going to come back for you.

Lemon: Omarosa– OMAROSA, STOP. Okay let’s stop, everybody, cut the mic, everybody.  We’re not doing that.  I want everyone on this panel to answer the question directly, then I will let you—

Omarosa: You can ask questions but you can’t answer them, Don.  You can ask them but I have to answer them. I’m not going to be scripted or controlled.

Lemon: Okay- we’ll be right back.


“I’m not going to be scripted or controlled?”  Right, because expecting you to directly answer a question is “controlling” you, crazy woman.

Did anyone notice Kellyanne Conway’s smirk the whole time Omarosa is embarrassing herself?  Her credibility is bolstered every time Omarosa opens her mouth, and she knows it.  All she has to do is sit back and let Omarosa make a fool of herself.

So, is it just the strangest coincidence ever that Trump’s spokeswomen/female advocates in news media all basically seem to be crazy?  First, there’s Katrina Pierson- and if you’ve seen more than about 2 minutes of any of her interviews, you’ll learn very quickly that she’s a little nutso.  She’s also barely literate, as shown in this email she sent to RedState, but I digress.

Then there’s Omarosa, who made the comment a few weeks ago, “you get what’s coming to you,” in reference to a protester who was assaulted at a Trump rally.  A simple Google search could point you to years’ worth of unhinged remarks Omarosa has made in the past.

Dare I even start in on crazy Ann Coulter?  It’s probably a safe bet that anyone reading this is extremely familiar with how unhinged that one is.  She also isn’t smart enough to vet news stories properly before she tweets them out.

Don’t forget about Sarah Palin, who has been a real treasure for the news media in that she gets crazier with every week that passes, talking about things like huffing ethanol and making up new words like “squirmishes.”  What’s going to come out of her mouth next?  Stay tuned to find out!


I realize the odds are against Trump having female supporters to start with, considering half the women in the country have a “very unfavorable” view of Donald Trump.  Somehow I’m not shocked that the crazy ones are on board the Trump Train.



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