Ted Cruz Answers Whether He Would Consider Being Trump’s VP [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz appeared on CNN Monday evening with Wolf Blitzer, where Blitzer engaged in one-on-one interviews with the final five candidates. Blitzer asked Cruz whether he would be open to being Trump’s vice presidential running mate.

Here is his answer:


Blitzer: I asked him if he might consider you as his vice presidential running mate if he gets the Republican nomination and he said “Crazier things have happened in politics.” Here’s the question: are you open to being his vice presidential running mate?

Cruz: I have zero interest whatsoever in this. And listen, if Donald Trump is the nominee, it’s a disaster.  Hillary wins.  Donald may be the only candidate on the face of the planet that Hillary can beat in a general election, and the stakes are too high.  If you’re fed up with illegal immigration, Donald Trump funded the gang of eight that pushed the massive amnesty plan, I led the opposition to it.  If you’re fed up with wages being driven down by illegal immigration , Donald Trump has supported open border Democrats for forty years, and if you are unhappy with the economic stagnation with the job loss caused by Obamacare, Donald Trump funded Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi taking over the Congress, which led directly to Obamacare.

So, is the Republican party simply doomed to a Trump/Christie ticket? Guess we’ll have a better idea tomorrow when Western Tuesday results start coming in.


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