John Kasich Insists Subscribing to Basic Math is “Nuts”

John Kasich appeared on CNN’s “New Day” Monday to insist that he isn’t the spoiler to the GOP nomination by staying in the race, even though it is mathematically impossible for him to achieve the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination.


He then goes on to talk about floating around the moon…mathematically.  What?

Watch below as he awkwardly tries to talk circles around, you know, basic facts:



Camerota: You said that it’s gonna be very hard for any candidate to get to the magic 1,237 number by the, uh, by the contest, but it’s not impossible for Donald Trump.  It’s mathematically possible for him to get to that still, isn’t it?

Kasich: Everything is, you know, “mathematically.”  How many times can we, you know, float around the moon or something, mathematically?  Who cares about that?  He’s not gonna have enough delegates.  He’s gonna go there without enough delegates, and let me tell you we’ve had 10 Republican conventions and only 3 times of those 10 has the front runner ever been selected at a convention. Because I think at the end, the delegates– and I’ve been at a convention that was contentious– and you know what, the delegates take their decision-making seriously.  Now if I’m the only one that can beat Hillary in the fall, why would, why would anybody say I should leave?  I mean that’s just- that’s nuts!  Okay, I’m not going anywhere Alison, in fact, we’re rising.  We’re raising more money, we’re getting more political support, we’ve got a lot of terrific people.  Charlie Black, one of the most skilled operatives, the former governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge, Mike Levin in Utah, I mean we’re doing well.  It’s not even a thought.  The fact is, is what we’re looking forward to is an extension of this primary process which ultimately will be a convention and there delegates will make a choice, and I believe I’ll be selected.


This may all be wishful thinking on his part, since it appears Kasich’s campaign could be out of money before April.

And as Leon pointed out today, Kasich’s strategy is severely flawed because the more votes he takes away from Ted Cruz, the more likely Trump is to receive the number of delegates needed and win the nomination outright.

But who cares about how many times we can float around the moon, or something?



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