Watch The Trump Supporter Charged with Assaulting a Protester Threaten “We Might Have to Kill Him Next Time” [VIDEO]

Earlier today, I wrote about a 78-year-old man who assaulted a protester at a Trump rally.  The man was identified this afternoon and officially charged with assault.


The assailant, John McGraw, was interviewed by Inside Edition after the rally.  He sounds just about how one would imagine.  His rhetoric is right on par with a typical Donald Trump rally.  He even says of the assault, “Yes, he deserved it.  The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.”

Don’t believe it?  There’s video:



Reporter: Did you like the event?

McGraw: You bet I liked it.

Reporter: Yeah?  What’d you like about it?

McGraw: Knockin’ the hell outta that big mouth.  We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s not acting like an American.

Reporter: So he deserved it?

McGraw: Every bit of it.

Reporter: What was that?

McGraw: Yes, he deserved it.  The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.


This whole thing is so disgusting, words almost escape me.  In the beginning of all this, it was a little funny to mock the crowds coming to see Trump.  But it is clear these people really are a dangerous and violent cult, and frighteningly they don’t appear to be deterred.

In modern society, most people would at least be deterred by the threat of what the rest of society might think of them if they were caught acting like a complete degenerate.  There are societal pressures that play into people’s behavior, which hold people accountable for their actions, to a degree.


But the rabid, violent Trump supporters?  These modern day brownshirts are only concerned with appeasing their leader.  And the scary part is that we uncover more of them by the day, crawling up from the depths of White Trash Hell to lend unconditional support to their almighty.

But isn’t this all par for the course with the Donald Trump phenomenon?  Trump himself fosters this environment with his disgusting rhetoric, especially about protesters and the media.  He encourages violence and anger.  And in this alternate universe of Trump Land, all of this is totally okay.  In fact, it somehow makes him more endearing to his followers.

Trump himself has made the comment many times at his rallies that he would “pay someone’s legal bills” if they roughed up a protester.  I wonder if he’ll follow through with that for John McGraw.  After all, SS-Schütze McGraw was only following orders.



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