78-Year-Old Trump Supporter Assaults Protester In Front of Police

In a shocking video taken at a North Carolina Trump rally, a 78-year-old white trash Trump supporter sucker-punched a protester who was being escorted out by at least two Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department officers. Side note: I sure am glad we’re getting rid of political correctness thanks to Trump, otherwise I’d have had to think of a nicer thing to call this guy than “white trash.”


Cheers and clapping can be heard on the video as the protester, 26-year-old Rakeem Jones, walks up the steps of the arena.  He turns and gestures to the crowd with his hands, and appears to flash his middle finger to the crowd cheering his removal.  As he turns back around to follow the officers, the Trump supporter punches him directly in the face.

And to add insult to (literal) injury, Jones can be seen at the top of the steps being tackled by officers and carried out, while the assailant remained at the event, not even questioned by police that day.

Watch below:


Since this video surfaced, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department worked quickly to save face, identifying the assailant as 78-year-old John McGraw and charging him with assault this afternoon.

A 78-year-old man attends a Trump rally and casually punches a man in the face as police stand by and do nothing.  The most depressing new normal ever.



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