Old, Frail, Sick Hillary Clinton Has Another Coughing Fit Mid-Speech [VIDEO]

It appears poor Hillary Clinton’s body is having a hard time keeping up with the grueling election season schedule.

Back in October, she started coughing in the middle of a Benghazi hearing, and was asked if she needed to take a recess.  Just last month, Clinton had a coughing fit in the middle of a speech in Iowa, which lasted a full minute.


Today while speaking in New York, her frail body just couldn’t take it anymore, as she once again awkwardly paused in the middle of her speech to hack up a lung.  She tried to stave it off with a few desperate gulps of water.  It didn’t help.  Her body was just too far gone.

She, of course, had her trusty lozenge strategically placed at the podium.  It didn’t help either.

When does this evolve from a joke to a serious concern about her health? Is there any other candidate who would not have their health status questioned after a history of severe coughing fits in the middle of their speeches?

Perhaps it was all that barking.


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