Ted Cruz's PERFECT Answer to a Reporter on CarsonGate [VIDEO]

Tom Llamas with ABC’s Good Morning America thought he was really going to nail Ted Cruz this morning by confronting him on CarsonGate.  Well, apparently he underestimated Cruz, because Cruz completely shut him down with this perfect response.


Reporter: Will you fire or suspend anyone in your campaign for putting out misinformation?

Cruz: No, we are not gonna scapegoat anybody. And I would note that the news story that our team passed on was true and accurate. CNN Reported it, and

Reporter: But is it a dirty trick to confuse voters?

Cruz: Is it a dirty trick to pass on your news stories? You’re in the business, would you think it was a dirty trick if I was forwarding an ABC story? Or is it just a dirty trick to pass on CNN’s stories?


And for reference, here is the original CNN coverage of Ben Carson’s “very unusual” decision.


Cruz- 1
Llamas- 0



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