Hillary Clinton: No One is Too Powerful to Jail, Except of Course for Me [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton made a comment at the Democratic debate last night that she probably regrets this morning. While discussing big banks and Wall Street reform, Clinton remarked:
“There should be no bank too big to fail, and no individual too powerful to jail.”


Her campaign staff even proudly tweeted the quote out, with the hashtag #DemDebate.

Watch the short statement here:

Nothing about this statement was well thought out. First of all, as the internet was quick to point out, Clinton has received millions of dollars from big banks for speaking engagements. A quick search of her top donors also shows just how deep her connection is with big banks. Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, DLA Piper, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Morgan Stanley, and Lehman Brothers have given her nearly 4 million dollars combined.

But really, believe her when she touts that she’s not a friend of Wall Street. These banks just enjoying throwing money into the wind.

Of course, even worse was the other half of her statement. No individual is too powerful to jail, says one of the world’s most powerful women who is currently the subject of an FBI investigation.

I’d venture to guess she’s probably hoping this morning that those words don’t come back to bite her.


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