Nancy Pelosi is Not Pro-Choice Enough for NARAL

Poor Nancy Pelosi just can’t seem to keep friends on either side of the fence.

In an interview with Roll Call, Pelosi parroted her usual heinous talking points about how Republicans are evil and clearly want all women to die simply because they oppose killing tiny babies.  She spent almost the entire time spinning reality in order to properly demonize Republicans.


It would seem she did all the right things to earn a merit badge from her liberal counterparts for following the usual Democrat game plan of twisting and displaying half-truths.  But NARAL Pro-Choice America was so unhappy about her interview that they issued a statement criticizing her remarks in the interview.  Why?

At one point during the interview, Pelosi clarified that she does not believe in “abortion on demand” or that “abortion is a form of birth control.”  NARAL of course took issue with these completely reasonable statements, because apparently by saying them, she was repeating “twisted GOP talking points.”

Both of these statements were abject lies. Pelosi absolutely does believe in abortion on demand and also believes in abortion as a form of birth control. There has literally never been a restriction of any kind on the practice of abortion that Nancy Pelosi has favored in her whole life.


However, they were abject lies told in the service of trying to make the abortion industry look good. However, for using words that NARAL has decided are double plus ungood, even to say that she does not believe in them, she gets criticized.

If Nancy Pelosi is not pro-choice enough for you, it might be time to seek a hobby.


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