Obama Says Don't Forget To Mention This At The Thanksgiving Table

Ah, Thanksgiving:  the annual family soiree when Americans get dressed up to sit around a table and stuff themselves full of turkey and pie, imbibe alongside relatives to ensure everyone stays happy, and then park themselves on the couch to watch football in a food coma (cheering on the Cowboys like a good American should do).


It used to be a delightful holiday when Americans could leave everyday life troubles aside for one day and focus on loved ones, until Obama inserted himself into the family discussion.

On Monday, The White House Press Secretary/Appointed Liar, Josh Earnest, issued a reminder to Americans looking forward to spending some quality time with family this Thanksgiving.

While spontaneously addressing the latest gun control bill that has not been touched by Congress and as usual blaming Republicans for all of life’s problems, Earnest asserted:

“As people are sitting around the Thanksgiving table talking about these issues — as they should and I’m sure they all will across the country — I hope that is a question that will be raised and asked by members around the table.”

So, as Americans are sitting together with their loved ones at the beautifully decorated table donned with a centerpiece and the fine china, passing gravy and laughing together, they should remember that family time is the time for political debate.  Especially for those visiting their in-laws, I’m sure.

Gun control is not a benign topic.  This isn’t light hearted, it brings out strong opinions in a lot of people on both sides of the fence.  This isn’t football, or movies, or small talk about Uncle Tommy’s third wedding.

As if that wasn’t disgusting enough, enter YourRepublicanUncle.com.  This site, set up by the Democratic National Committee this year, is full of fun “facts” about everything from Trump, to Obamacare, to immigrants and refugees.  An email sent out from the DNC and Luis Miranda, the Communications Director, reads:


“It’s that time of year — full of food and fun and celebrating with family and friends. But we here at the DNC know that occasionally all that togetherness can lead to some… let’s call them “lively” conversations about politics with that one Republican uncle (or aunt, or brother — you know who I’m talking about). And as Democrats, it’s up to each of us to go into those situations ready with the truth… When it comes to the economy, health care, climate change, and immigration we know there are the facts, and then there’s what Republicans want to believe. But don’t blame your Republican relatives too much — after all, they’re only taking after the GOP’s presidential candidates and their loose interpretation of reality.

That’s why we have this handy guide compiled, so you can do your part to debunk the latest myths coming from the right wing bubble. Make sure you check it out before turkey-time.”

Isn’t it nice to know that the Democrats are here to set Republicans straight with the almighty truth?  How comforting that they need cheat sheets to remember all of their not-so-factual facts.

When they use the term “facts,” they mean adorable attempts at skewing and generalizing opposition to make it sound like they have a respectable position.  One can “learn” many things by visiting this website, including the idea that [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] is young, but “might as well be Dick Cheney.”


Mind you, the Obamacare talking points take on a much different tone.  Any negative remarks on Obamacare are supposed to be met with sweeping, subjective generalizations like, “if the ACA were repealed, millions of Americans would lose access to quality, affordable health care.”  There’s that word “access,” used so often by liberals even though it’s clear they have no idea what it means (hint: the word they’re looking for is “free”).

Does anyone remember the days when liberals and the government weren’t trying to wholly indoctrinate us every time we took a breath by cramming propaganda down our throats?  There was a time when the government didn’t command us to start new yearly family feuds by bringing up politics at the dinner table.  There was a time when websites weren’t created for the sole purpose of “sticking it to your Republican relative.”  But the last few years, this administration has ramped up its attempts to insert politics where it doesn’t belong.

First, there was the wonderfully self-serving idea during Obama’s 2012 campaign to create an “Obama event registry” in lieu of cash or gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties.  Nothing says “I appreciate your money spent on me” more than making someone feel forced to donate to a political candidate.

A year later in 2013, there was a call from the administration and Obama’s campaign group, Organizing for Action, for an Obamacare roundtable discussion on Thanksgiving, complete with a set of talking points that could be printed off and used as cue cards for those not quite bright enough to hold their own stance.


And, here we are in 2015 expected to bring up gun control issues on an otherwise joyous holiday, and met with asinine “talking points” from the Democratic National Committee.  If anyone is saddled with the unfortunate luck to sit next to a staunch liberal during Thanksgiving dinner, they may want to pour themselves an extra glass of wine, just in case.


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