"The View," Carly Fiorina, And Why Feminists Still Fail

Liberal women universally consider themselves to be feminists, by which they mean that they are allegedly supportive of females. But in the same way that the NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of (Liberal) Colored People, liberal feminists really only support females when they are liberal.


These hypocrites sit on their liberal media thrones, telling tales of woe and suffering inflicted on our gender.

They preach to everyone that women aren’t taken as seriously as they should be.

They rip to shreds any man who dares make a comment about a woman’s appearance, flattering or unflattering.

Many of them think they are superior to their male counterparts, and certainly act in accordance with that belief.

Yet, here are some of their prized spokeswomen a few days ago, the squawking hens on “The View,” mocking Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina for her physical appearance. Renowned CEO of nothing at all and noted TV blowhard Michelle Collins says Fiorina’s smile looked “demented” during the last Republican Presidential Debate.

Joy Behar chimes in that there should be a Fiorina Halloween mask.  Even more troubling?  The amount of laughter and applause these comments received from the live audience who sadly had nothing better to do than attend a taping of this tired, desperate show.  Can you imagine being at such a place in your life that you would waste hours of your time just to watch these women screech in person?  How sad of a person must you be to take leadership cues from these four women, who have accomplished nothing of substance other than being on TV?

I have some questions for the ladies of “The View,” starting with the most obvious: how do you sleep at night?  How do you make comments like these while continuing to “fight” for women’s rights? How can you expect to achieve strides in the feminist movement with this unabashedly catty behavior towards the gender you claim to champion?


These are the same women who criticized Donald Trump when he was the one mocking Fiorina’s appearance. As in, literally the same women, not the same kind of women.

Not one month ago Joy Behar asked Trump, “Why don’t you talk about her brains instead of her face?” Gee, Joy, what a great question! Too bad you forgot to ask it to yourself.

Say what you will about Fiorina’s policy positions, but the woman is an intelligent, well-spoken, wonderful example of a strong, independent, personally successful female. She’s accomplished more of actual substance in her career than all the hosts of the View combined. She worked her way up to become the CEO of a company that employed tens of thousands of employees, and was the first woman to lead a Fortune 50 business. You’d think she would be a shining role model for a feminist in America.

But isn’t that the liberal feminist way these days?  They bash every man who dares speak negatively about a woman, and drag his name through the mud, and maybe that’s a good thing. But surely the point of doing all that isn’t only to save the catty comments for themselves… is it? Then, these same women can’t fathom why they aren’t taken seriously in today’s society.

Liberal feminists need to wake up.  They are heaping much more damage upon our gender than men ever could.  How can women expect men (or women!) to take us seriously, and show us respect, when these same women resort to tearing each other down based on physical appearances?


If Joy Behar wants to pick a fight with Carly Fiorina, she should pick one based on Carly’s brains, rather than her face. There are plenty of Fiorina’s policies with which Behar disagrees – why not try to tackle her on some of those – if she dares?  It appears the opportunity will be presented when Fiorina returns to “The View” this Friday.  Will any of these worthless women have the gall to look Fiorina in the eyes when they take these cheap shots?  Or will they change their tune in her presence, taking a coward’s way out?

Why is it okay for feminists to mock another woman’s physical appearance, when according to them, it’s not okay for a man to do the same thing?  Are they aware of the double standard and just don’t care, or do they truly not realize they are committing the same dirty deeds they accuse men of doing?

Let’s take this discussion a step further.  Is there anyone ignorant enough to still believe the Republicans are the ones perpetrating a war on women?  We have liberals reducing women to “voting with their lady parts,” because why use a brain anyway, right?

We have liberals like Hilary Rosen and others insulting stay-at-home moms, who are some of the hardest working women in the country.

We have liberals like Sandra Fluke making a mockery of women not being able to afford birth control on their own (because God forbid we be responsible for ourselves financially).


And of course, we have liberals like the women on “The View,” tearing intelligent, successful Republican women apart based on their physical appearances.

I’m not sure that I support Fiorina as a Presidential candidate yet, but as a fellow woman, she makes me proud.  Her response to these attacks was composed, confident, and unwavering.  The amount of poise she has shown while those of her own gender attack her appearance makes me want to support her.  I’d venture to guess any true self-respecting woman would agree with me.  But, as you probably know, any self-respecting woman probably wouldn’t be a liberal feminist, either.

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