Shut Down ObamaCare, Not Government

I didn’t come to Washington to shut down the federal government; I came to help bring it back to its proper role. This role should create an environment where America is the easiest and best place in the world to create better paying jobs by starting a business or growing an existing one. One way to do that is by ending failed programs like ObamaCare that hurt our people, waste their money and scare businesses away from opening or growing. The looming September debate on a short-term spending plan is the last best chance to do that. That’s why we must stand united to defund ObamaCare as a condition for supporting a short-term spending plan.


We know President Obama will resist. He will insist on shutting down government unless ObamaCare is fully funded. But we simply cannot continue to pour money into this rapidly imploding program.

It will hurt seniors by altering the health plans and doctors they’re happy with, and by cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare Advantage for current beneficiaries to fund other parts of ObamaCare.

It will hurt working class Americans who are increasingly being moved from full-time work to part-time by their employers who are forced to do so to avoid its unaffordable mandates. Just last month, 322,000 Americans were forced into part-time employment. That is why even top union leaders, who are typically strong supporters of President Obama, are now attacking ObamaCare.

It will make health insurance more expensive. In fact, premiums have already skyrocketed by nearly $2,500.

It will have a dramatically negative impact on small business. A recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey found that nearly 75 percent of small businesses will be forced to layoff workers or cut hours because of ObamaCare.

With all these problems why would anyone want to continue with this failed experiment?

Only in Washington do people double down on their mistakes. In the real world,Ford stopped producing Pintos. Coke dropped New Coke and went back to its original formula.


Washington should be no different. When politicians and their ideas fail, they should be thrown out of office come election time. In the meantime, their bad ideas – like ObamaCare – should simply not be funded.

We cannot stand by and allow America – where talent and hard work has always meant that the sky is the limit – to be destroyed by an ObamaCare law that puts a ceiling on people’s dreams and a cap on the aspirations of job creators.

We can’t allow this to be a place, just like so many other places in the world, where our message to job creators is: “Don’t grow too big, or government – the IRS specifically – will come after you.”

Our health system should be the envy of the world. Our economy should be a powerhouse that provides our people with opportunities to get ahead, achieve greater stability and provide for their families. ObamaCare threatens all this and will lead to America’s decline, because it emulates what other nations have tried. In essence, it seeks to remake America in others’ images when it is America that has always been the example for other nations.

Defunding ObamaCare is a critical first step to preventing all this, and this September, we need the American people to stand with us in demanding that not another cent be spent on implementing ObamaCare. At that point, the President will have a decision to make: sign it and keep the government open, or veto it and shut down the government.


That’s the decision that should ultimately come to the President’s desk. But to get there, we need to stand together now to make defunding ObamaCare a reality.


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