Oops! Top Immigration Restrictionist Group Thinks Terry McAuliffe Is Still Virginia's Governor

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A top immigration restrictionist group believes Terry McAuliffe is still the governor of Virginia, according to a widely-dispersed direct mail piece apparently targeting low-information Virginia Republicans.


The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) recently sent a letter to targeted donors in Virginia urging them to sign a “petition” regarding illegal immigration to Mr. McAuliffe.

There’s just one problem: McAuliffe left office earlier this year, following the expiry of his single, legally-permitted term of office. He was replaced by Gov. Ralph Northam, who has been in the job for several months and who prominently bested Republican Ed Gillespie, who campaigned hard on the illegal immigration issue, with little apparent success.

Included at the bottom of the “petition” is a tear-off sheet, soliciting donations of $15, $25, $50, $100 or “other.”

The mail piece appears targeted at extremely low-information voters, who would be unaware of a gubernatorial election having taken place just last November, and Mr. McAuliffe having left office thereafter as mandated by Virginia law.

Such fundraising efforts are not uncommon, however, this one stands out for its apparent inaccuracy and the fact that it is signed by the group’s executive director, Dan Stein.

Stein has become notorious in some conservative circles for defending “voluntary infanticide,” calling China’s one-child policy simply an “international family planning program,” and being married to Sharon McCloe Stein, a campaigner for “two-child famil[ies]” to achieve massive American population reductions.


It is unclear how much revenue will be brought in by FAIR in response to this fundraising appeal; however, they reportedly have access to $400 million in funding via the Colcom initiative established by a late heiress and Margaret Sanger fan, which raises questions about why they would need to be targeting low-information voters with inaccurate fundraising solicitations.

Questions might also be fairly asked about FAIR’s reliability as a source of quality information regarding immigration, given that the solicitation suggests they do not know who the governor of Virginia is. FAIR’s headquarters are, ironically, located in Virginia.



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