Obama-Reid Opposed Debt Limit Increase

“Taxpayers Against Earmarks” is back with a great new advertisement.  The group that helped fight the anti-earmark campaign last year is now called “Ending Spending” — an equally clear name to reflect their broader mission.  With a thought-provoking new ad, Ending Spending is joining the growing fight against raising the debt limit without serious spending cuts and budget process reforms:



Ending Spending’s ad shows how sad the fight over the debt limit really is.  It is almost as if the two parties swapped talking points from 2006 to today. During the Bush Administration, many of the politicians who complained about increasing the debt ceiling then are the same politicians today who want to raise it by over $2 trillion.

In 2006, when a different president was in office, then-Senator Obama and then-Minority Leader Harry Reid opposed raising the debt limit.  They want to raise the debt limit even though the debt has almost doubled since 2006. Clearly this is a bipartisan problem. Of course, it goes without saying, that had Republicans fought for rules like “Cut, Cap and Balance” back then, we might not have a deficit exceeding $1.5 trillion this year, but I digress.

This ad is also significant because, as Rob Bluey wrote over at the Daily Caller last fall, Ending Spending and its political action affiliate ran ads against politicians in both parties convincing them to ban earmarks – or leave office.  The group may well have a similar impact on the debt limit fight today.


The bottom line: if you agree with Senators Barack Obama and Harry Reid (circa 2006), then you should check out the web site for Ending Spending and add your name to the list of people who want to end the out of control spending in Washington, D.C.


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