If a Liberal Falls Off His High Horse, Does He Make a Sound?

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This country is home to several thousand violent savages who refer to themselves as “Antifascists.” We see them out and about travelling in mobs, torching buildings, pushing disabled veterans out of their wheelchairs, and punching old ladies in the face. Heroes of the Revolution to be sure. One of them was filmed lying in wait for a Trump supporter, whom he shot and killed.


I bring that fellow up specifically because the President of the United States, Mister Unity he calls himself, just told the Antifascists that we — that would be “us” — are semi-fascists.

We need not wonder whether Antifascists will burn, punch, or shoot semi-fascists, or whether that requires specialized AntiSemiFascists, because the next day the president’s press secretary elaborated:

What MAGA Republicans have done…You look at the definition of fascism and you think about what they’re doing in attacking our democracy, what they’re doing in taking away our freedoms, taking away our rights, our voting rights. That is what that is.

You probably grew up thinking that it would be pretty weird if the President of the United States sicced a bunch of brownshirts on you and your family, to burn your house down and kill you, but that was before Democrats got as snooty as they are now. Now they are so much smarter and better than we are that they figure that they should be able to exterminate us like vermin.

Or at least make us go away. While the Leader of the Free World was telling the Democrats’ Revolutionary Guards that Republicans are fascists, the Governor of New York was telling her Republicans that they should get out of her state now, move to Florida where they belong, because they’re not “New Yorkers.” Apparently only Democrats can be New Yorkers now. We don’t know yet whether Antifa will be assisting with the move for those Republicans who don’t take the hint.


Sunday it was the Chairman of the DNC, Jaime Harrison, taking his turn at demonizing 75 million of his fellow Americans as he appeared on Face the Nation. Asked whether he supports using rhetoric like “semi-fascism” to describe Republicans, Harrison insisted he was just “calling what it is what it is.”

The Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida, the always-tanned (not that there’s anything wrong with that) Charlie Crist, tried to start his own hate-fest directed at Republicans, but his was so stupidly done that I’ll leave him out of this except to note that there have now been four of these “All the good people hate Republicans” efforts by prominent Democrats in the space of just a few days. Obviously these aren’t gaffes.

Speaking of these events, the political scientist Ruy Teixeira, interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, said that he thought these seemingly-alarming statements were less a political strategy than a peek into the way Democrats talk to each other, about us, when they think we’re not listening. And that this has less to do with ideology than it does with the way the Democratic Party — certainly at the leadership level — has slowly become a closed society of college-educated elites who are constantly telling each other how much smarter and better they are than everyone else. They don’t just look down on us, they look down on everybody. They have pretty much drummed working-class voters right out of their little Society of the Gifted. If it weren’t for a lot of decidedly non-gifted people who hang around anyway because they want to be seen with the Kool Kids, today’s Democratic Party probably couldn’t even be competitive. They certainly are not an especially appealing bunch.


We have here a rather large group of people who are becoming increasingly isolated and increasingly detached from reality, and because of the business they are in they have their hands on more than a few of the levers of government power. The views they hold — about us and about themselves — are getting very weird. Listen to them: They must save humanity by taking control of and managing the climate of a 6-billion-year-old planet. Meanwhile their political opponents — ordinary people who get up and go to work every day — are domestic terrorists… fascists secretly plotting to overthrow the government. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Democrats are nuts.

How high an opinion of yourself do you have to hold before you think you should meddle in the climate system of a planet? One that eight billion people depend on for their lives? How high before you think you can sweep aside millions of other humans — your political opponents — because they are only vermin?

If only one person were doing this, plus throwing money around like they had an infinite supply, we would call this Bipolar Disorder with Paranoid Features. I don’t know what to call it when it’s a whole political party and they’re in charge of the government.

I’m pretty old. I can remember Eisenhower running for president. I have never seen anything like this. This is not normal. Something has gone really, really wrong with the Democrats. Americans have had our share of kookburgers over the years, but we have never had mainstream figures, party leaders, and certainly not a President of the United States, insulting American citizens by the tens of millions, demonizing them with terms we reserve for wartime enemies. I don’t know what these people think they are doing, but for the sake of this nation the rest of us need to make them stop. November is coming. The high horse act has had its run and needs to go.




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