A President for All Women

Josh Kraushaar, the political editor of the National Journal, spent ten paragraphs today kicking around the subject of Hillary Clinton’s rather wide and deep unpopularity among Male-Americans. I say “kicking around” because Kraushaar accidentally stumbled upon the reason why it’s happening, but he didn’t notice it.

Pretend you are surprised to hear that a new NBC/WSJ/Marist poll…

shows her fa­vor­ab­il­ity rat­ing with men at a mere 27 per­cent, while two-thirds view her un­fa­vor­ably.

When you’re a political expert like Kraushaar, instead of some average Joe like me, your first thought is whether she might be able to overcome one gender gap by exploiting another. Which is why Kraushaar tells us, “she’s not per­form­ing at nearly a strong-enough level with wo­men to coun­ter­act the prob­lem.” But I read that and I think, “now that would be a problem.”

Can you imagine what sort of culture we would have here if men and women went to political war with one another? Could any society survive that? And yet, isn’t that exactly what Hillary Clinton is all about? How can anyone listen to her talk without concluding that her mission on this Earth is to firmly press the thumb of government on the scales in favor of women and girls. It’s practically all she talks about.

A certain amount of that sort of thing, such as the amount you might get from Joe Biden, is understood by most people to be a kind of blather that all politicians say to get elected. Joe Biden would say that, but the next day Joe Biden would say similar things to pander to Hawaiians, or dog owners. With Hillary it’s all women, all the time. Which is creepy.

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