First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) needs markup!


The First Amendment Defense Act is an important piece of legislation ,for all people who believe in traditional marriage. The First Amendment Defense Act S.1598 and H.R 2802 if passed would prevent government discrimination people who believe in traditional marriage and who believe that sex is reserved for marriage. Discrimination under the FADA would include any of the following:

” alter the federal tax treatment of, cause any tax, penalty, or payment to be assessed against, or deny, delay, or revoke certain tax exemptions of any such person;disallow a deduction of any charitable contribution made to or by such person;withhold, reduce, exclude, terminate, or otherwise deny any federal grant, contract, subcontract, cooperative agreement, loan, license, certification, accreditation, employment, or similar position or status from or to such person; or withhold, reduce, exclude, terminate, or otherwise deny any benefit under a federal benefit program(Act H.R 2802).”

Like other discrimination bills similar to it  FADA has a clause for civil and government recourse for those who violate its statutes. There is no clause in the bill that would overturn any additional laws or rights that were recently gain by the LGBT community. It reaffirms religious people fundamental natural rights regardless of their religious affiliations, for or non-profit status. It essential is designed to keep the status quo.

Intel from the Heritage  Foundation puts the support of the bill at 172 house Republicans , 23 of the 25 house oversight committee members. Chairman Chaffetz has not called it for a markup yet. A markup would force the House Oversight committee to call a general vote. At this point in the legislative process, the general vote is needed to move the bill past the committee floor. It is important that people contact their congressman to support this bill. I remember a lecture from my old Professor Steven Hellerman in which he was talking about the Federalist and Antifederalist debate surrounding the constitution.

One of the key points in the lecture he mentioned was that constitution was ratified after the addition of the bill of right. The Anti-Federalist believed without a bill of rights that the government would oppress the bill. One of the most fundamental rights in the constitution is the freedom of religion that is protected by the first amendment.

There is a small radical group of liberals in the country that is trying to subvert people first amendment rights. FADA will prevent people of various religious and ethnic backgrounds who hold to traditional marriage from unlawful discrimination. It is a necessary affirmation in light of the Supreme Court’s abuses of power. We cannot allow the government to infringe on any first amendment rights they are the cornerstone of a free society. I encourage everyone to contact their representatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives to support this bill.

Sources: Heritage Action Network, Steve Hellerman’s Federalist vs Anti-Federalist Lecture, Congress

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