Finish Strong

Time is running out for those who believe the Obama lie of spending our way out of a recession.

Thankfully, due to the vision of great men and women like you, our nation is facing the truth.  Next Tuesday, conservatives are poised to elect strong leaders who will confront the lies and spending in Washington.

It’s time to finish strong.


We put together a new video to encourage you to head to the polls on Tuesday.

There are just hours left to make a difference in this election. It is up to patriots like you and me to focus on get out the vote efforts this weekend, and make sure conservatives turnout on Election Day.

America’s Foundation, my political action committee, also endorsed a slate of solid conservatives in races across this country —  like Joe Miller in Alaska, Sharron Angle in Nevada, Carly Fiorina in California, and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania.

Join me in supporting candidates who will speak the truth and stand for sound economic and moral principles in Washington!

Time is short. With only a few days left in the race, America’s Foundation is working on national get out the vote efforts.

To ensure a conservative victory on Tuesday, we need the help of patriots who aren’t afraid to face the harsh truth of where our nation is financially.


We can see a conservative victory across the country. From Alaska to Florida and Pennsylvania to California, Americans have the choice to send honest men and women to Washington to end the disastrous spending of the Obama Administration.

This November is just a starting point.
I know that with your help though, conservatives will be able to play a crucial role in making this more than just a hope, but real change we can believe in!


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