How #Cuckservative reminds me of #BlackLivesMatter

#Cuckservative Tries To Be #BlackLivesMatter
#Cuckservative Tries To Be #BlackLivesMatter

In many respects, the Alternative Right is a pale imitation of an effective and meaningful political movement. The blogging community that supports their cause repeats a plausible critique of many aspects of the modern malaise. However, they fail to provide anything that resembles effective solutions. They can, however, wreck a certain level of havoc and take down their opponents in a manner reminiscent of the Lilliputians tying down Gulliver. #BlackLivesMatter showed how to do this par excellence at the recent Netroots Nation convention. Alternative Right purveyors of the #Cuckservative hashtag are attempting their own version of this political maneuver.

#Cuckservative and #BlackLivesMatter are symmetric mirror images in many ways. Both movements are inter-party insurgencies aimed at delegitimizing more moderate alternatives within their own political spectrums. Each movement is highly reactionary in nature. Each is decidedly racialist in outlook with some components in each movement qualifying as flagrantly bigoted and willing to crawl into the Not Safe For Work gutter in order to forward their assault against more moderate political actors.

You would have to apologize to your typical 4Klan* Warrior for daring to imply that any Non-Alternative Right Conservative is anything *other* than a vile #Cuckservative. You likewise must grovel before His August Augustulus; Deray McKesson for daring to suggest that any lives *other* than #BlackLivesMatter if you continue to play in Leftist politics. In the end, the intransigence is a result of desperation.

You see it really isn’t a question of whether all black lives matter. It’s a question of whether a self-selecting cadre of Progressive African-American activists still holds powerful positions and meaningful lives. Likewise, the #Cuckserative movement isn’t particularly worried about whether you are suffering rectal pain from recent political events. They are in this to settle inter-party scores and could care less about anything other than themselves. In this sense, they are merely an ofey alternative to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and should be regarded with a similar dismissive contempt.

*-My more accurate descriptor for the analytical geniuses at 4chan.

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