Hillary “TINA” Clinton Falls In Line On Iran

If You Believe Hillary, This Is Your Sign.
If You Believe Hillary, This Is Your Sign.

Streiff’s hilarious concept of failure theatre comes in multiple genres. I’d like to propose yet another taxonomy thereof. In honor of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s completely submissive position of the disastrous Iran deal, I give you The TINA Show. TINA is an argument that gets made when a politician feels compelled to support a policy that almost anyone with the morality or intellect of a toadstool would never support. It stands for There Is No Alternative. It allows our scumbag politician to say “I’m normal just like all the rest of you wonderful people. I hate this just like you do. But,…..”


She starts by establishing her tribal bona-fides with Team Blue.

“We have to treat this as an ongoing enforcement effort, which I certainly strongly support, and as president would be absolutely devoted to ensuring that the agreement is followed,” Clinton said. She said she applauds Obama and Secretary of State John F. Kerry “for their extraordinary efforts,” calling the deal “an important step in putting the lid on Iran’s nuclear program.”

And then we get the reservations and provisos. She’s just like the rest of us. She suspects the Iranians when they grab hostages and bankroll Hezbollah.

“We still have a lot of concern about the bad behavior and the actions by Iran,” Clinton said, “which remains the largest state sponsor of terrorism, which does go after and undermine governments in the region, that poses an existential threat to Israel, and that unfairly, unlawfully confines and tries Americans on trumped-up charges. That bad behavior is something we have to address.”

Now it comes. Here’s the clincher. She respects other points of view. But,…TINA!


But in New Hampshire, she asserted for the first time that critics of the deal had “a respectable argument.” The former secretary of state reiterated her belief that the deal was the best the United States could reach at present…

So there you have it. Hillary wants to have her cake and eat it to. She wants you to think she is rational and shows good judgment at the same time she pays her dues as a loyal Democrat and back a deal that you, I and the Man on The Moon know is a disaster. No wonder NASA wouldn’t shoot her out into space. An argument could be raised that she’s already out there in Close Earth Orbit.

If she really believes that deal was the best we could have done, it isn’t ISIS that’s the JV. This deal is a disaster. It’s worse than no deal. Hillary is trying to act intelligent while doing what she knows well is genuinely stupid. Stupid from the point of view that a treaty should protect average Americans from being victimized by potentially violent countries that pretty much hate our guts.

Hillary isn’t being stupid. She doesn’t care a fig whether our foreign enemies can effectively harm our people. She doesn’t want you to see this, so we get Failure Theatre of The TINA Genre. She simply had no other choice the poor dearie. As I said earlier, no wonder NASA didn’t quite consider her a budding rocket scientist.



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