The Terrorist and the Pigs

This Pig Represents Anyone Exploiting Dylann Storm Root For Political Gain.
This Pig Represents Anyone Exploiting Dylann Storm Root For Political Gain.

I dedicate this Youtube video to anyone who has politically exploited the slaying of 9 churchgoers in Charleston by racist terrorist Dylann Storm Root.


In Charleston, SC, we have beheld a manifestation of true evil in the persona of Dylann Storm Root. If the immediate reaction of our most obnoxious and aggressive opinion-makers is actually indicative of the true American Spirit in Anno Domini MMXV, then we deserve to have evil manifested upon our wretched heads far more often. I’m choosing to be more optimistic this morning. I personally believe that President Barack Obama, Jon Stewart, Oliver Willis, and the amateur pharmacologists over at World Nut-Job Daily are all vastly inferior in both mind and spirit to the typical decent and hard-working citizen of our blessed, and beloved republic.

All of these people, some to the Left, some to the Right and maybe a couple who are screwed up enough to worship the Planet Neptune, need to put down their stupid microphones and at least allow these poor decent souls to be embalmed, mourned and properly given a Christian burial. Or better yet, if this particular circle of jerks can’t resist the urge to subject the rest of us to their self-amorous, utterly revolting ego-porn; maybe they could take a lesson from the Danville NBC News affiliate and provide us with something that is at least decent and respectful towards those who were so wrongly and hatefully slain by the terrorist*.


But no, Barack Obama, you had to use the shooting as a method to push your anti-2nd Amendment agenda. No, Oliver Willis, you had to go relate this somehow to voting rights. No, Jon Stewart, you had to show us how much *you* really cared.** World Nut-Job Daily, you lived up to the insulting nickname I just called you by publishing Michelle Bachmann-worthy screeds about psycho-killers on prescription happy pills that I won’t spoil my own blog at RS by linking to.

I think that the Washington Post deserves condemnation for implying The Millennial Generation is more racist than others here in America. There are still bigots older than 25 in America. If the Millennials really are signing up for KKK memberships or whatever than those particular acorns obviously didn’t roll far from the Baby Boomer or Gen-X oak trees that produced them. All of these media whores, Twitter trolls, funnymen and political mountebanks are parasites!

As I read this pathetic, disingenuous, self-invested rain-shower of crap from all corners of the ideological spectrum I imagine the evil creep that convinced Dylann Storm Root to perform this horrible act laughing. I can see Thorgrimm Joohammer dressed in his Nazi regalia and moving his lips as he re-reads The Turner Diaries for the eighth or ninth time. He’s thinking to himself*** “Boy those racially and morally impure Americans will destroy themselves and I’m loving it. I’m gonna get my American Holocaust and Reverend Al Sharpton will help me get it! He’s going down there to preach hatred against white people just like I prayed to my own personal Mein Kampf Woten that he would. I’ve gotta just say it! Terrorism works like Hell!”


In addition to the hateful disrespect that all of our political leadership and many of our media figures and entertainers have shown to nine very decent people who were murdered in cold blood, these loudmouths seem to be giving Dylann Storm Root exactly what he wanted. They are making it worse for everyday Americans who want to look past their increasing suspicions and undying frustrations with each other can get on with life.

Just how close is Dylann Storm Root to winning? Just how close is another terrorist attack against American society coming to working like hell? One deeply frightened and understandably aggrieved African-American clergyman offers a scary insight.

The Rev. Anthony Evans of the National Black Church Initiative said he planned to travel to Charleston to help churches learn to defend themselves. He said the attack evoked “a point of deep moral frustration that cannot be explained. At the same time, they want individuals such as myself as clergy to preach peace and coming together,” he said. “They only want us to not let the people get out of hand, and I’m not willing to stand in front of that angry crowd anymore and tell them that their anger is the wrong emotion to feel.”

And meanwhile the Odious Thorgrimm leans back in his big easy chair. He watches the Americans of all races that he hates so much prepare to devour one another. He waits for the microwave to go ding. He pops open another cold, frosty one. He’d sure hate to see us kill one another in a race war before he had his popcorn ready.


*-My opinion that Dylann Storm Root is a terrorist is based on my own interpretation of the definition of CONUS Terrorists given in US Army FM 3-19 page 18.

**-He could truly care less, but he sure is better than the rest of us because he said so.

***-If he’s evolved far enough to do that yet.


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