The IRS Is Here To Help You With Obamacare

If the IRS is wrong, you're wrong!
If the IRS is wrong, you’re wrong!

The Obama administration revealed in late February that it had sent a tax form containing incorrect information on health insurance premiums to approximately 800,000 customers. At the time, those people were asked to hold off on filing their taxes for 2014 until a corrected form could be sent out. It was not immediately clear how many people had requested or received an extension. At the time the Obama administration acknowledged the error, around 50,000 people had already filed their tax return using the incorrect forms. – FoxNews.

The IRS amazes me. They can find you no matter where on the planet you try to hide form them. On the other hand, they can’t find their own rectal orifices with a flashlight a GPS. Let’s review the sheer, unmitigated suckage pollution.

1) The Obamacare Law promises people a subsidy to buy Obamacare. People think they’re getting a free lunch.
2) The IRS decides free lunch = income and proceeds to tax these people retroactively.
3) They then mail out 800,000 forms with the wrong information to the people who were being retroactively taxed after they had been promised the aforementioned free lunch.*
4) They’ve now received 50,000 returns using the incorrect information.
5) This a YP** not a TP***
6) But hey, they love and are willing to be generous. You’ll have until Oct 15th to make your corrections.
Oh and just so you don’t forget to pay your good old uncle….
7) They will chuck your backdoor waste chute in the federal can.

* The problem with Obamacare free lunches is that Michelle Obama designs the menu.
** YP – Your Problem.
*** TP – Their Problem.